Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

See Georgina Rodriguez’s reaction when Cristiano Ronaldo fails to save her from rogue ball during tennis date

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. enjoyed box seats at a Nitto ATP Finals match on Monday, November 12, where U.S. player, John Isner, and world champion, Novak Djokovic from Serbia took to the court. Not wanting to miss out on the great tennis match, Cristiano traveled with his Spanish girlfriend and son to London to enjoy of London’s O2 Arena in which Djokovic finished off as number one in the classification, getting ahead of Rafa Nadal, who finds himself in second place.

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Even though the soccer star was extra attentive of his lady and eldest child, which he showered with love and even “saved” from a loose ball, he never stopped paying attention to the match. Cristiano Ronaldo is a ‘tennis fanatic.’ This is how Djokovic classified the former Real Madrid team member to press once the match was over. “He’s one of the biggest sports stars of the decade. It’s great for our sport to have him here.” I saw he was with his family, I didn’t have the opportunity to see him after the match, but I hope to see him at the end of the week,” said the Serbian tennis player. “It’s great to have an amazing soccer star–a star like him–and for him to come to watch tennis at the court,” said the world champion.

It’s just as Novak described him to be an enthusiast for the game that the 33-year-old soccer player appeared to be from his box seats. So much so that he even became an improvised ball-boy, and being he has great soccer-player reflexes, he even intercepted a ball that was coming directly towards Georgina. The futbol forward tried catching the fuzzy sphere a couple of times before it finally bounced on her head. However, the unexpected hit only brought them a shareable moment of laughter.

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The Juventus de Milan player showed more of his nurturing side with his first-born as he hugged him and kissed his head during most of the tennis match. Cristiano shared more of his fatherly side on social media as the former Real Madrid team member took to Instagram to share a photo of this three other children who were celebrating his daughter’s, Alana Martina’s, first birthday. The soccer player wrote, “Happy birthday, dear princess! One year of bliss! Love you!” Alana is his only daughter and at the moment, his only child with Georgina.

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