This Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Website´s Legal Notice.

  1. 1. In accordance with current data protection regulations, it is informed that any personal data provided through or to the website may be processed by ¡HOLA! (hereinafter, the Entity), among others, for the following purposes:
    • Managing the process of registration of the User.
    • Managing the online subscription process.
    • Managing the sending of the newsletter.
    • Providing Users with information and contents requested.
    • Providing User with customized ads for their interests and preferences, both of the Entity and third parties.
    • Replying to requests for information and complaints.
    • Customizing ads and content.
    • Improving our products, services and content, and conducting research to that end.
  2. In addition, should the User provide the Website or the Entity with an email address or any other means of electronic communication, the User expressly authorizes the Entity to use such means as a way of communicating with him/her in order to reply to his/her requests and/or consultations, to provide him/her with information and news of the Entity and to inform him/her of any relevant changes which are made on or to the Website.

  3. 2. Data provided by Users to the Entity may be disclosed to third parties. Should such disclosure occur, Users will be informed about the entities and the purposes for that disclosure.
  4. In this regard, Users are expressly informed and, by means of accessing the Website, they expressly consent to information such as IP addresses being collected through the use of cookies and to such information being disclosed to third party advertisers, for the purposes of providing and delivering more relevant and appropriate advertising to the User based on geographic area and preferences. IP addresses may also be used to help identify and combat potentially fraudulent activity.

    The data process by such third party entities is subject to their own privacy policies. Users may access, where further information about Behavioral Targeting and how to opt-out is provided.

  5. 3. The Website uses its own and third party cookies for the following purposes:
    • To provide the Users with a better service and customized content.
    • To measure User’s preferences and behaviour when navigating through the Website.
    • To allow third entities (advertisers) to deliver advertisements and content relevant to your interests.
    • To provide general analytics.
    • To maintain information in both identifiable and anonymous forms.
    • To assist in identifying possible fraudulent activities.
  6. In addition, third parties (advertisers) may place a cookie on your browser when carrying out ads campaigns within the Website.

    Cookies are files sent to the browser, through a web server, in order to record the activities of the Users during their time of navigation and interaction with the Website. Users have the possibility to configure their browsers to be warned of the reception of cookies and prevent their installation in their browser. Please refer to your browser instructions and manuals for further information.

  7. 4. Users are entirely responsible for the accuracy, authenticity, timeliness and completeness of the data that they provide, and are entirely responsible for any loss, damages or penalties that may result from any failure by them to meet such responsibility.
  8. In addition, in order to meet the above responsibility regarding accuracy, it is also the responsibility of Users to notify the Entity of any modification or change regarding data previously provided.

  9. 5. Regarding personal data, Users are granted the rights to access, rectify, cancel, object and to opt-out of the sharing of such data with third parties. These rights can be exercised by notifying the Entity in writing at the contact address provided on the Website.
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