Eva Longoria with her mom and dad

As promised, Eva Longoria and José Bastón have found the perfect Spanish name for their son. The couple, who welcomed their baby boy on June 19, chose the name Santiago Enrique Bastón. In the first images of Santiago, the Overboard actress shares a moment of skin to skin with the newborn, while wearing a diamond necklace that says his name. During her pregnancy, the new mother and her husband kept the name of their son under wraps but did share what would help determine their son’s name. “You know it’s going to be a Latino name,” she told James Corden. “It’s not going to be Will. It’s not Latino enough. It’s not Spanish."

Eva Longoria's son is named Santiago Enrique Bastón 

Throughout her pregnancy, Eva joked about potential names. Don Julio, Tequila Sunrise and Poquito Mas, were a few she went over with Ellen DeGeneres. At times not ruling out Bernardo, Jaime and Cristian. Eva and José decided that their son’s name would honor Spanish culture and people close to their hearts. Santiago which means “Saint James” honors the patron Saint of Spain. James, who was one of the first disciples of Jesus, is honored with “the feast of St. James” held on July 25. 

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Santiago shares his middle name, Enrique, with two men close to Eva’s heart. The 43-year-old’s father, whom she has opened up about as being one of the most important men in her life. He also shares a name with Eva's  BFF Ricky Martin – whose full name is Enrique José Martín Morales. As for the baby boy’s last name, Eva chose to stick solely with her husband’s name, instead of giving him a hyphenated Longoria-Bastón – honoring her love and the man who she says “completed the last of her dreams.”

Eva's son shares a name with her dad Enrique  

In 2018, the name Santiago ranked 97 as a popular baby name but was up by six since 2017. Eva and Jose's baby boy is sure to make his own mark on the world with a mom like Eva. "Women can show young boys, role models – look at these amazing women doing amazing things. Introduce them to the female astronauts that are in NASA, show them a female version so they know women can do all of those things," she told HOLA! USA. "That’s the consciousness and change we need in young men, is equality is natural to society, not an anomaly."

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