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Ana Boyer y Enrique Iglesias© @anaboyer

Enrique Iglesias’ family welcomes a new family member

Feliz por la buena nueva, Tamara Falcó compartió su primera foto con el pequeño

Senior Writer
APRIL 26, 2024 12:55 PM EDT

Enrique Iglesias’ large family has a new family member. This past April 24th, Iglesias’ younger sister, Ana Boyer, welcomed her third child with Fernando Verdasco. The child is named Martin and has his family incredibly excited.

The first photo of the baby was shared by his aunt, Tamara Falcó. The Marchioness of Griñón shared the good news on social media, sharing a photo of herself with the baby in her arms.

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“Welcome the new member of our precious family!” she captioned the post. Falcó recently returned from a trip in Venice alongside her husband, Iñigo Onieva, to meet the child that was born in Madrid.

Falcó covered the baby’s face with a red heart, opting to protect his privacy. Martin joins siblings Miguel and Mateo, who are five and three years old respectively.

Martin’s happy arrival

Hours before, Boyera shared the news of the birth with a family photo shared from the hospital. Boyer and her husband coordinated with Miguel and Mateo to touch the baby’s hand, resulting in a sweet photo and announcement of the child’s birth. “Welcome, Martin,” read the post, which also included the date, April 24th. “Your brothers and parents already love you more than anything in the world!”

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Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco confirmed the news of her pregnancy a few months ago, but decided to remain as private as possible. Boyer, who’s the daughter of Isabel Presyler, shared a photo of her belly hours before leaving to the hospital. She shared a photo of herself in front of the mirror, captioning it, “Final stretch.”