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Julio Iglesias Jr. talks about his father and reveals the funny nickname he used to call him as a child

The singer and entrepreneur has shared some details about his relationship with Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias Jr. is enjoying a fulfilling moment in his life. He’s successful in his ventures and happily in love with Ariadna Romeo, his girlfriend. His happiness and success are thanks in large part to the valuable lessons and support he received from his parents since he was young. In an interview with ¡HOLA! Spain, the singer and entrepreneur, talked openly about his relationship with his father, Julio Iglesias, and shared some interesting details, like the funny nickname he used with him.

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Julio José answered the ‘All About My Father’ TEST, revealing the valuable advice his dad gave him. “To be happy and surround yourself with wonderful people, or at least try to,” he said. He agreed he has similarities to his father, and likes when people tell him they resemble each other.

When talking about the physical similarities with the ‘Baila Morena’, singer, Julio Jr. assured that he inherited one of his father’s most distinctive traits: his smile. Asked about the most beautiful memory he has with his brother, Enrique Iglesias, he responded: “Going on tour with him when I was very young.”

Julio Iglesias, Isabel Preysler, and their children Chabeli, Julio, and Enrique©GettyImages
Julio Iglesias, Isabel Preysler, and their children Chabeli, Julio, and Enrique

Julio also shared that the most meaningful gift from his dad was funding his university education. The 51-year-old Spaniard studied communication at the University of San Francisco in California and then trained in acting in Mexico. Before becoming a singer, he considered working in television and even had a role in the American series Out of the Blue and was a host on The Travel Channel.

When speaking about the qualities that his father likes about him, Julio confessed that the main one is his sense of humor. But undoubtedly one of the most unexpected revelations was the nickname the 80-year-old singer used to call him when he was a child: “Kung Fu.” However, he did not delve into the reasons behind this curious nickname.

His heart is very happy

After his separation last year from the Brazilian Vivi Di Domenico, Julio Iglesias Jr. found love again with the beautiful Cuban model Ariadna Romero, and it seems that things are going smoothly between them.

Julio Iglesias Jr. and Ariadna Romero©@ariadna_romero
Julio is happy in love

“I met Ari in the United States, I met her in Miami, specifically... At a restaurant, she was working there and we met and started talking, and we got along very well and became friends. And that’s practically how it all started. We’ve been together for 10 months,” he told ¡HOLA! Spain a few weeks ago.

When asked about the possibility of getting married, he responded, “We have a fairly formal relationship, now I think time will tell everything, right? I have a very nice relationship with her, she seems like a fantastic girl to me, and I’m very happy.” He also revealed that he would like to become a family man. “Yes, it’s something I’ve always wanted, I would love to start a family,” he commented and talked about having “4 or 5 children.”

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