Marc Anthony’s wife shares sweetest father and son photo©@nadiaferreira
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Marc Anthony’s wife shares sweetest father and son photo

On March 12, Nadia and Marc surprised everyone by posting their son’s first posed photo on Instagram

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony traveled to London to attend Victoria Beckham’s 50th birthday party, which was attended by many celebrities. After returning from their trip, the Paraguayan model shared an adorable photo of the singer and their son Marquitos.

On April 23, Nadia shared a photo on her Instagram stories that captured a beautiful moment in her personal and family life. The image shows Marc holding his baby in his arms while the baby lies on him. Marquitos, wearing a lovely white polo shirt, also places his little hands on his father’s.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira©GettyImages
Marc Anthony y Nadia Ferreira viajaron recientemente a Londres.

Even though the photo didn’t show the faces of the salsa singer and his son, it wasn’t hard to recognize them, thanks to the distinctive tattoos on the singer’s arms. The child’s mother added a heart emoji with the caption “My loves” in her post, leaving no doubt about their identities.

On March 12, Nadia and Marc surprised everyone by posting their son’s first posed photo on Instagram. Before this, the couple had chosen not to show their baby’s face and had only shared photos in which the baby was partially visible. However, on his 9-month birthday, the happy parents decided to introduce him to the world and show his little face for the first time. “Happy 9 months my everything, mommy and daddy love you!” the couple wrote in a joint publication.

Marc Anthony y su hijo ‘Marquitos’©@ferreira
Nadia enterneció a sus seguidores con esta foto madre e hijo.

The reactions were immediate, as the model’s followers and the performer were very excited to finally meet Marquitos. Fans quickly pointed out the baby’s strong resemblance to his mother, particularly in their beautiful blue eyes.

Marquitos, bebé de Marc Anthony y Nadia Ferreira©@nadiaferreira
Marc y Nadia presentaron a su bebé el mes pasado.

Motherhood is a great gift for Nadia

In August 2023, the former beauty queen discussed her experience as a new mother and her feelings upon discovering she was pregnant. “I felt immense joy, but I also knew that a gigantic responsibility was on the way and that my baby would be my motivation to move forward,” Nadia commented in an interview for Marie Claire Mexico magazine. “My world would change in a positive way, because it is that little human being who has shown me what the greatest love in the world is,” she admitted.

On that occasion, the model also spoke about her mission as a mother. “My desire is to raise him by example, so that he is very clear about the values and principles of an educated person. Being able to forge in him a good character, who understands the value of people, things and that there is nothing more important than love and respect,” she said.

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