Elizabeth Stewart on why working with Salma Hayek was so fun, offers her best celebrity styling tips

Behind the glamour of red carpet fashion are hard-working stylists who make a look come together for their celebrity clients, and Elizabeth Stewart was recently voted one of the most powerful ones in Hollywood. The stylist has worked with Latinas such as Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara, and is the official stylist for A-listers like Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain, Amanda Seyfried and Gal Gadot. Known for mixing high and low fashion, she recently joined the Walmart family to work with their affordable clothing lines. Elizabeth shared with HOLA! USA her tips on how to dress for different body shapes, plus how to make affordable fashion look high-end, while revealing her favorite experience working with Salma (hint: it includes a desert).  


 Gal Gadot, Jessica Chastain and Rebel Wilson are a few of Elizabeth's clients Photo: Getty Images

HOLA! USA: You are one of the most sought-after stylists. What is it like joining the Walmart family? 
"I love Walmart because my kids are wearing it and it’s really nice to be able to build the bridge between my family and what I do because normally when I do red carpet it’s couture. I am known for mixing high-low [fashion] quite a bit, so that’s another way it works."

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What’s a good way to make an affordable piece look higher end and more expensive? 
"Find bags and shoes that look higher end...Let’s just say you found some vintage couture piece, you can mix it with a shoe that looks like it’s high-end. I mean I know that we did it on the red carpet with Gal Gadot in a Givenchy couture and Aldo sandals. You can do it with Walmart [pieces] because they have really great bags from TIME AND TRU and really great shoes. There’s a great ballet flat that I wear." 

What are you loving this spring, and which trends are worth splurging?
"I think my favorite spring trends are probably florals and dots, it doesn’t really matter to me if it’s high-end or low as long as I like it. With stylists, it’s sort of a badge of honor if I’m wearing Walmart and another stylist compliments me on it. It’s more impressive if I say I found it there than if I say it’s couture because it shows that I have an eye."

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What should somebody consider when dressing for their body?
"This is a big thing in what I do now, red carpet styling. That’s exactly what I do. If you’re doing it for yourself, ask yourself, 'What flatters me?' If you’re curvy, what parts can you show? Do you have good legs? Do you have a waist that defining it is going to make everything look better? All of my clients have different body types and there are different things that we feature or don’t feature. My most plus-size client is Rebel Wilson, and she likes to wear very body-conscious [pieces] and highlight her waist. I think that’s what you do, you sort of figure out what you do and don't want to show. And repeat, repeat, repeat and find your style and stick to it. "

Salma Hayeks 1999 Arena coverVIEW GALLERY Salma Hayek's 1999 Arena cover Photo: Arena Magazine

Who’s your most daring client and what’s the best thing about working with her? 
"I would say my most daring client is Cate Blanchett. She pretty much wears anything. And I have a young one, Zoey Deutch, who is also very adventurous. I like the freedom of working with them, just the fearlessness. It’s a great way to live life in general."

​​​You've worked with Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara as well.
"Well, I’m not either of these two people’s stylist, but I've been booked many times for their photo shoots: Salma Hayek, whom I adore and I’ve worked with many times over the years and Sofia Vergara. They’re both incredible, powerful women, and I’m lucky to get to work with them. Salma, I just have a long history with her, we go back 18 years."


Do you have a favorite anecdote from working with Salma? 
"I have a favorite cover from working with Salma. It was [for Arena magazine], and we drove out into the desert with a bunch of clothes and just took these amazing pictures. She’s just ready for anything, and I love that about her."

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