Cindy Crawford reveals how George Clooney accidentally ended up in her bed

Cindy Crawford can blame it on the tequila! When asked by Vogue during their 73 Questions video series about how she and her pal George Clooney accidentally ended up in the same bed once, the veteran supermodel replied, “Let’s just chalk that up to Casamigos.”

The brunette beauty and her husband — and George’s business partner Rande Gerber — have been friends with the Money Monster star for years. The question referenced the hilarious story Cindy shared in 2015 about a night George and Rande went out without her and had too much fun — resulting in Amal Clooneys husband mixing up bedrooms.

Cindy blamed Casamigos Tequila for George Clooney ending up in her bed Photo: Getty Images 

During the Vogue interview, the 51-year-old also revealed how she and her husband have kept their love alive after all these years. She shared, “We actually really like still like each other and we make sure that we spend a lot of time together.” While her husband didn't make a cameo in the video, Cindy’s look-a-like daughter, Kaia, 15, did and got her mom to admit that she is “her favorite daughter.” The model's 18-year-old son Presley also made an appearance, via FaceTime, and got his mother to reveal her favorite part about being a mom, which is the “unconditional love."

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As for her favorite runway moment Cindy admitted: “Versace in '91. When all of us came down the runway lip synching Freedom by George Michael.” With over two decades in the industry and a lot of wisdom, the mom-of-two also shared her biggest piece of advice for up and coming models. She suggested, “Be on time and stay off your phone.”


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