The affordable product behind Kate Middleton's smooth, shiny hair

In addition to her impeccable fashion style, the Duchess of Cambridge has long been admired for her glossy, bouncy chestnut curls too. The brunette has kept a similar style throughout her time in the public eye — after all, if it's not broken then why fix it — and is never pictured with a hair out of place. However, we've always been in the dark about the hair products she uses, until now. The royal's former hairstylist, James Pryce, who works at West London salon Larry King, has revealed the product he uses to keep the Duchess' locks smooth and shiny. And the best bit? It retails in the US for less than $20.


 target=VIEW GALLERY The bargain product helps Kate look perfectly groomed Photo: Redken

The hair expert told Cosmopolitan that he used Redken's Curvaceous Full Curl Cream Serum on the 36-year-old's hair. The accessible high street product is designed to keep curls in shape while fighting frizz and humidity at the same time, and you can buy it for yourself on

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James revealed that the best way to apply the product is to add a little bit to towel-dried hair while it is still damp, before blow drying. He would run the product throughout Kate's hair so that it would cover it without becoming greasy and weighed-down and then proceeded to dry her locks using a diffuser for extra volume and bounce.

><img alt=VIEW GALLERY James used to style the Duchess of Cambridge's hair Photo: Getty Images

Just ahead of the her royal tour of Sweden and Norway, Amanda Cook Taylor, Kate's current hairstylist, shared the products and tools that she uses to create the royal's timeless looks. In order to obtain her signature blowout or elegant updos, some of the products used include Charles Worthington's Volume & Bounce Body Booster and the Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray, which costs just £12.98 from British retailer Boots (unfortunately not sold in the US), as well as L'Oreal Elnett hairspray, which costs $12 in drugstores. The hairdresser also applies Essential Maximum Hold (unperfumed) hairspray, also from Boots for maximum support. When it comes to washing the Duchess' hair, it seems Kate is a fan of Kiehl's Crème with Silk Groom, which retails for $24.

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