As we all know at this point, there are many fashion rules that women in the royal family are strongly encouraged to follow, but apparently there is one style requirement that cannot be broken: wearing tights. That’s right, every time a female member of the royal family steps out in public, she should be wearing a pair of stockings. “I would say that’s really the only hard, steadfast rule in terms of what the Queen requires,” royal expert Victoria Arbiter told Insider, while simultaneously pointing out that we never see Kate Middleton out in public without a pair of nude tights. 


royal-women-must-wear-tights-1zVIEW GALLERY The Duchess of Cambridge wears nude tights while out and about Photo: Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth has been wearing them since the beginning of her reign, and the Duchess of Cambridge regularly pairs tights with her dresses. However, future-royal and perpetual protocol-breaking Meghan Markle has already broken this rule by not wearing stockings while announcing her royal engagement, so maybe the rule isn’t as set in stone as we are led to believe, or perhaps the rules won’t apply to her until she is married to Prince Harry. Wearing a tiara, for example, is reserved exclusively for royals, which is the reason Kate was never seen with one prior to her 2011 royal wedding. 

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prince-harry-meghan-markleVIEW GALLERY Meghan and Harry announced their engagement in 2017 and will say 'I do' on May 19, 2018 Photo: Getty Images

Other royal rules include not signing autographs, not taking selfies and mirroring the Queen’s exact actions during a meal. Style rules are a little more flexible, as proven by Meghan, and she’s not the only woman who has challenged the royal requirements. In 1987, the late Princess Diana took off her gloves to shake the hands of an AIDS patient despite it being protocol to keep them on. According to her brother, Charles Spencer, Diana was down-to-earth about human contact and it was important to her to show the public that her title didn’t set her apart from others. Now, skipping on the stockings isn't as significant as ditching gloves for humanity, but Meghan is following in the late Princess of Wales' footsteps in more ways than one. However, if you want to follow traditional royal requirements and feel a tad bit more regal, consider wearing nude stockings à la Kate

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