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Prince Harry proudly shares future baby's nickname: Find out what it is!

Prince Harry let royal watchers in on another secret about his upcoming bundle. The 34-year-old Duke and his pregnant wife Meghan Markle appeared during day 14 of their royal tour in New Zealand, on October 29, where the doting future dad shared his nickname for his unborn child. During a visit to the Abel Tasman National Park, Harry spoke to a crowd where he mentioned his upcoming bundle. “From myself and my wife and our little bump, we are so grateful to be here,” he shared. “We bring blessings from my grandmother the Queen.”

Prince Harry proudly shared his and Meghan Markle's upcoming baby's nickname Photo: Getty Images 

The dad-to-be continued: “We are so grateful for your hospitality and the work you do to look after this beautiful place.” During their visit to the National Park, Harry and the 37-year-old mommy-to-be walked hand-in-hand through the gold sand as they learned about the conservation projects. Earlier in the day, the Sussexes both proved that they are on the fast track to being attentive and fun parents as they comforted a five-year-old well-wisher.


During their first stop at the Marenui Café in Wellington, Harry and Meghan were greeted by a group of school children, including Joe Young – who was overwhelmed by their visit. When Meghan noticed him wiping away tears, she bent down and took Joe by the hand as she said hello. Not far behind her was her husband, who is an all-star with children. Harry playfully tickled little Joe on his tummy, getting him to crack a small smile.


Deputy Principal Monica Mercury, who stood with the young students, told reporters about the sweet interaction: “Joe was very nervous, and Harry was very nice to him." Meghan and Harry, who have had plenty of these encounters during their tour of Australia, Fiji and Tonga, announced that they are expecting their first child in the Spring of 2019. The pair have also been presented with a host of baby gifts.

During his second day in New Zealand, the future father comforted a crying well-wisher Photo: Getty Images

Harry recently opened up about his desire to have a little girl. As the soon-to-be new dad greeted supporters during the cycling competition at the Invictus Games, a woman yelled: “I hope it’s a girl.” After confirming what the eager fan said, Harry yelled back: “So do I.”

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