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Shakira and Lele Pons share Instagram collab; ‘My biggest dream’

The two shared some photos and a video on social media, with Pons sharing her excitement upon meeting her idol

Shakira and Lele Pons have teamed up for some fun Instagram videos. The two shared videos and photos over the past couple of days, with Pons sharing an emotional statement and revealing how special it was to meet one of her idols.

The photos were shared by Shakira, showing the two laughing and making faces at the camera. “A morning with Lele Pons,” Shakira captioned the post. While Pons shared the post and some reels on her own page, she shared an emotional statement on Shakira’s post.

“Those who know me for years know that before I had a Vine account I am a Shakira fan! I had a fan page of hers in 2012! I’m so happy. Crying with joy because this has been my biggest dream! My dad took me to my first concert and it was Shakira’s,” she wrote in Spanish. “Shakira, you’re the queen of the queens! Thank you for literally everything.”

Pons has discussed how much Shakira means to her. Last year, while participating in “Dancing with the Stars,” Pons danced to Shakira’s “Whenever Wherever,” revealing that she chose the song because of how much it means to her.

Shakira and Pons’ fun video

This weekend, Shakira and Pons shared their first video together. The two are seen sitting on the couch while Shakira’s new song “Punteria” plays in the background. The two then start dancing in sync, with Shakira collapsing on the coach smiling. “Your body automatically when your fav song comes up,” reads the caption.

Pons also shared the Reel on her stories, writing, “I’m not okay! I was trembling before uploading this post. From having a Shakira fan page in 2012 to this. It’s incredible.”

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