Alessandra de Osma weds Prince Christian of Hanover in custom Spanish design

Alessandra de Osma certainly looked like a Princess on her wedding day. The Peruvian beauty, who married Prince Christian of Hanover in a civil ceremony last November, walked down the aisle in her native Peru on Friday, March 16, wearing a stunning gown by Spanish designer Jorge Vazquez for her religious ceremony held at Lima's St. Peter's Church. The high neck wedding dress featured long lace sleeves and a lengthy train. Alessandra completed her bridal look by sweeping her dark tresses into an updo, which she topped off with the Hanover Floral Tiara — previously worn by her sister-in-law Ekaterina Malyshev last summer for her royal wedding and as well as Princess Caroline — and a show-stopping veil. Alessandra's wedding dress designer opened up to HOLA! ahead of the royal wedding about designing the elegant gown that took close to 600 hours to create.


Alessandra de Osma wedding gownVIEW GALLERY Alessandra looked stunning on her wedding day wearing a design by Spanish designer Jorge Vazquez Photo: Leonardo Fernandez/Getty Images

HOLA!: Jorge, first of all, congratulations! How did you feel upon receiving the news that you’d be making Alessandra de Osma’s wedding dress? 
"Thank you, I’m really very happy, Alessandra and I have always had a fantastic connection, and when she decided to create this gown with me it was wonderful news for my whole team."

You’ve dressed a princess and have received the royal treatment, were you nervous while creating the dress? 
"Yes, of course, I wanted everything to be perfect, I need prime quality for my designs, especially considering that she's a princess and there will be media coverage."

Did you feel more pressure creating this dress than for other nuptials? 
For me, every client is important, I don’t create differences between them, I want them all to feel special. It’s very easy to work with Alessandra during the fittings, everything has flowed perfectly. 

Did Alessandra have a clear vision of what she wanted? Did she give you ideas or did she put everything in your hands? 
She’s someone who likes to document herself, and she has a criteria very similar to my own. She wanted it to be perfect and elegant, and those are two things that I try to integrate into my work. Alessandra always asked for my opinions, and I looked forward to her feedback. 

Alessandra de Osma wedding gownVIEW GALLERY The wedding gown took close to 600 hours to create Photo: Raul Sifuentes/Getty Images

What was the creative process like? 
When we first talked, she told me what she wanted to emit on that special day. Based on what she wanted to feel, I prepared four different options for her, including the materials and the details that’d go with them, and from there, we got to working on the toile, the fittings, the hand embroidery…. 

Can you describe to us the most relevant details of the dress? 
It's a very classic and elegant dress, it’s so timeless that in 30 years she’ll look at the pictures and she’ll continue to feel like herself in the textures, the double gauges, the silk-embroidered chantilli.

Were the tiara and jewels that she’ll be wearing determining factors while designing the dress. 
I think that all jewels are always an added plus, especially when she can use such marvelous pieces. 

Alessandra de Osma wedding gownVIEW GALLERY Alessandra and Christian celebrated their nuptials with a religious ceremony in Lima on March 16 Photo: Getty Images

Did you study other royal weddings, or was your inspiration guided by your instincts? 
Of course, I’m always looking for information, I believe that you can learn a lot from the classics, you have to look through many different periods to find silhouettes, details…. 

How many hours did it take to create the dress? 
Close to 600 hours in the studio and the embroiderers, the dress has so many details. 

In your opinion, what makes this dress so special? 
The artisanal aspect is what makes it so unique. 

And how would you describe Alessandra as a bride? 
She’ll look like a complete princess, I’m really very excited. 

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