Although Gisele Bündchen retired from the runway in 2015, it didn't take long for the fashion industry to find her replacement. Paula La Croix, 16, has caught the eye of designers for her similarities to the Brazilian supermodel, and the resemblance is uncanny. The young model, who is also Brazilian, started her career at the age of 14 when Sergio Mattos, a fashion booker, spotted her and saw in her a younger version of the famous Victoria’s Secret model. He even started to call her Giselinha.

He's not the only one to spot the resemblance, as many of Paula's 258k followers tend to comment on her pictures pointing out how much she looks like the 37-year-old fashion icon, comments which Paula fully embraces. 


Gisele Bündchen doppelgangerVIEW GALLERY  Paula La Croix is a mini Gisele Photo: Instagram/@paulalacroixx

“Being compared to Gisele is an honor, she is simply amazing,” Paula told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I believe the comparison has only generated great things due to my attitude upon it.” But despite looking like one of the industry's most successful models in history, she doesn't necessarily want to follow her exact path. “Of course I am inspired by her — she is one of my big inspirations due to her resilience and confidence. However, I want to create my own path,” she continued. “My aim is to be myself and pursue my own career. But I do not compare myself to her, as we are both unique.” 


Gisele Bündchen doppelgangerVIEW GALLERY  They post similar photos of themselves Photo: Instagram/@paulalacroixx and @gisele

“I dream of working in London, New York, Paris, and Milan. But if I could pick, I’d go to Milan because I have family in Italy,” she shared with a Brazilian outlet. Paula also noted she admires the careers of other models such as Taylor HillGigi and Bella Hadid. Currently, she's signed to 40 Graus Models, a Brazilian agency in Rio de Janeiro, so maybe it won't be too long before we see her accomplishing her dreams and walking international runways for upcoming Fashion Weeks. 

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