Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza Aparicio’s inspiring career lands her on the cover of Vogue Mexico’s January 2019 issue

Yalitzia Aparicio has reached for the stars and landed on the cover of Vogue Mexico’s January 2019 issue. The 26-year-old former teacher is fresh from her acting debut in Netflix’s Roma, a black and white film written, produced and directed by Alfonso Cuarón. The highly covetable cover is believed to be a first of its kind and features Yaltiza sitting on a vintage chair while donning a sheer, embroidered black and white gown by Dior. The cover reads, “In tiu’n ntav’i,” which means “A Star Is Born,” in Mixtec language.

Yalitza on the cover of Vogue Mexico's January 2019 issue Photo: Instagram/@voguemexico

In addition to the cover, the fashion glossy released a video in which Yalitzia opens up about playing a character that portrays the everyday life of real women and her breakthrough in the industry. She said, "Certain stereotypes are being broken, that only people with a certain profile can aspire to be in a movie or be on the cover of a magazine." Based on her life accomplishments, Yalitzia appears to be a go-getter from the start. The Mexican actress, who plays Cleo in the film, shares she used to dream of being a lot of things, among them being a preschool teacher. After crossing that goal off her list, Yalitza's now moved on to bigger things – things she had never dreamed of. “I never imagined I would be selected,” she says of going to the casting call.

The Mexican actress appeared at the Netflix Roma Premiere in Mexico City

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In part, Yalitzia has her sister to thank for the drastic shift in her career. It was she that encouraged her to go to the casting call in the first place. According to Vogue Mexico, Yalitza and her family were a bit suspicious of the “casting” as this was something almost unheard of in her small town of Tlaxiaco in Oaxaca. “We looked for information, but it only mentioned this was a movie that was going to be done in Mexico and they were looking for women of all profiles,” she said.

Roma's writer, producer and director, Alfonso Cuarón, on the set with Yalitza Photo: Netflix

Although they continued to follow through with each step of the process, their biggest fear arose when she was told she had to move to Mexico City. Nonetheless, the “New Hollywood Actress Award” winner conquered her fears and as she revealed her mother has stood by her side during the entire course. Additionally, Yalitza found comfort in Alfonso, who made her feel like he was a close friend – helping and guiding her to play the part inspired by his childhood caretaker.

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With her inspiring story, Yalitza has broken the glass ceiling and is hopefully inspiring others to go after their dreams. “Other faces are now being recognized. It is something that makes me so happy and proud of my roots,” she said.

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