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Marc Anthony loses his cool and explodes on Twitter – find out why!

Marc Anthony was in rare form! The Vivir Mi Vida singer took to his Twitter on Tuesday to vent his frustrations about the progress in Puerto Rico. The singer, who normally remains calm and collected on his social media platforms, raised a serious question toward the people in power. Almost a year after hurricane Maria left the singer’s native island devastated, a statement was made which praised the relief efforts in the storm’s aftermath as a success, which he did not find true. The singer, who has dedicated his time and funds to the island, took to his social media platform to vent.

Marc Anthony took to Twitter with words for Donald Trump after his recent hurricane Maria comments Photo: Getty Images 

Marc noted that after a reported 2,975 Americans lost their lives as a result of the storm, he believed there was no way President Donald Trump could call the aftermath an “incredible unsung success.” The 49-year-old also challenged Donald’s promise that he would drain the swap and suggested that he instead “made it into a cesspool.” Adding: “These lives are in your hands.”

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In September 2018, hurricane Maria made landfall on the island and left thousands without electricity and caused millions of dollars in damage. A year later, there are many parts of the island that still need to be repaired. In the days following the storm, Marc joined his ex-wife and fellow Puerto Rican Jennifer Lopez to create the SOMOS UNA VOZ humanitarian initiative. The superstars were joined by a host of other musicians and entertainers, including Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi and Ricky Martin, to raise funds and send the appropriate food, shelter and aid to those on the island.

The singer has contined his efforts to send aid to the island after it was left devastated by Maria Photo: Getty Images 

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Marc also appeared on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s song in honor of Puerto Rico Almost Like Praying. In June, Marc posted a sentimental post via Twitter dedicated to the island. “Puerto Rico, [flag emoji] I am yours! If you are Boricua, take out your flag. #PuertoRicoStrong #PuertoRicoRises #SOMOSUNAVOZ We have a lot to do.”

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