Roselyn Sanchez and husband Eric Winter

Roselyn Sánchez and daughter teaching Eric Winter Spanish is the cutest video you'll see all day

Roselyn Sánchez is not only a mom, wife, actress and producer, but also a Spanish teacher. On Monday, May 28, the Puerto Rican star shared an adorable video of herself and her daughter Sebella Rose Winter giving their husband/father Eric Winter a foreign language lesson. In the clip, the couple’s little girl sat on the American actor’s lap and whispered into his ear every time Roselyn asked a question, like how to say “Today is a special day” or “I need to go to the bathroom" in Spanish. Eric’s answers had his wife and daughter bursting into laughter. Sadly the laughs weren't enough to pass Roselyn's class. In the video’s caption, the actress penned, “Didn’t pass the test!!! Clases de español para @ebwinter.”

Roselyn is raising her kids to be bilingual Photo: Instagram/ebwinter

The Devious Maids star, 45, and Eric, 41, have been married since 2008. Roselyn and her husband are parents to daughter Sebella, six, and son Dylan Gabriel, whom they welcomed last November. Raising their kids bilingual is important to the actress, whose first language is Spanish. Speaking at an AOL Build session back in September, Roselyn revealed, "We hired a nanny, and she has been with Sebella since Sebella was six-weeks-old. It was super important to me that she was a Latino lady that only spoke Spanish…So with the baby, she only speaks in Spanish."

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However getting her daughter to speak the language isn’t always easy. The mom-of-two noted that her daughter fights her on speaking Spanish. Though Eric, who revealed at the time that he is taking Spanish classes, noted, “[Sebella’s] first language naturally becomes English cause of school and she is around it all the time, but with the help of our nanny being with her and also Roselyn. If she goes to you and starts talking to you and you respond in Spanish and she knows she is not going to get you to switch to English she'll just stay in Spanish with you."

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