Princess Charlene opens up about her 'adorable and inexhaustible' twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

Being a mom is a full-time job for Princess Charlene — but one she loves and never get tired of! The Monaco royal opened up about her and husband Prince Albert’s “adorable” twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, in a new interview with Paris-Match magazine. Discussing her two-year-olds, she said, "It's an incredible age, where they constantly demand you. Living away from me seems unimaginable for them.” Charlene added, “They want to know everything, to understand everything, to ask me thousands of questions. They also want to try everything.”


VER GALERÍA The Princess admitted her twins want to try everything Photo: Kasia Wandycz / Palais Princier

The doting mom-of-two also revealed that her little Prince is protective of his sister. Charlene shared, “[They] bump all the time ... The other day, Gabriella made a huge bump. And while I was looking after her, I saw Jacques hammering her little clenched fists at the desk on which she had rushed head first, shouting: ‘Nasty table.’” The 39-year-old continued, “He is very protective of his sister. Nothing is ever their fault, they support themselves, comfort themselves. I can spend hours watching them play. They are adorable and inexhaustible"

VER GALERÍA Charlene revealed her son is protective of Gabriella Photo: Eric Mathon / Palais Princier

Charlene and Albert, who wed in 2011, welcomed Gabriella and Jacques in 2014. Princess Grace Kelly’s son spoke out about his twins earlier this year, admitting that they enjoy songs. "The kids are great,” Albert told People magazine. “They’re jumping around. Talking more every day. They’re singing a lot. Lots of nursery rhymes. English and French.”

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