Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini, salsa night party!

After starring in a series of rumors about a romance with Drake, JLo looks very happy surrounded by her friends

It's no secret that Jennifer Lopez loves salsa music and knows how to dance it perfectly. However, she still leaves several of her fans surprised when she takes over the dance floor, just like she did this week on a night out with her friends, who had fun in a big evening full of music and dancing at ‘El Floridita’, a Cuban restaurant in Hollywood.


On Monday night, the singer and her friend Leah Remini joined a group of acquaintances to celebrate the birthday of Jai Jordyn, another of her close friends. The girls arrived to the place ready to dance and have fun. Leah in a tight dress of animal print while JLo opted for something more casual with a beige sweater at the waist and light pants that remarked her figure. The singer also wore several rings and a pair of large hoops that stood out on her face.

What caught the attention was the song that sounded in the background: ‘He Tratado’ by Puerto Rican singer Victor Manuelle. Jenni only commented "Salsa Night with the Family", but the lyrics of the song seemed like a message because she just looked at the camera while listening: "I've tried to forget you and I can not. I've tried to forget you and I swear I can not."

Wait for it... lol #hairflick #salsanight w the fam...@therealangelopagan

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Although in most of the photos the Diva appears very attentive to her cell phone, this wasn’t the case all night long. Lili Estefan posted a video of Jennifer bringing brightness to the dance floor with her best steps. "OMG! Eso! JLo teach us a few steps!" comments the host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ in her post.

On this night out with her friends, Jennifer Lopez looks as cheerful and positive as ever, after international media ensured that she was sad. Just a few weeks ago, the singer was emotionally linked to rapper Drake. After a series of photographs, expensive gifts and a kiss at a party later in the year, it seemed that there was more to them than friendship or musical collaboration.

However, last week Drake was seen in Amsterdam having dinner with another woman, a date that happened days after JLo revealed that they had worked on a song together.

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