Demi Lovato: 'Beauty comes from within. It's all about having security'

The singer spoke with HOLA! Mexico about her new look and her friendship with Paulina Rubio

Redhead, brunette, and now blonde! Demi Lovato is not afraid of change, and it showed in her last visit to Mexico City where she spoke with HOLA! Mexico on the reason behind her new look, beauty tips and her great friendship with Paulina Rubio. "What I like most about being friends with Paulina is that she is very protective, she is a very loving person. She has so much energy that is always fun to be with her."

VER GALERÍA Demi and Paulina at a party in Soho, in 2013. © Getty Imag

The singer also spoke about her new hair color, which is not unusual in her as she loves to innovate. "What inspired me to change my look was the fact that Koleston facilitates the transition from black to blonde, so I wanted to try it and I loved the result." But with which of all the looks she identifies the most? "I identify with each color differently. When I have dark hair I feel more sophisticated and when I go blond I show my inner light, I feel more energy."

VER GALERÍA The singer debuted a new look, and it is divine! © Instagram

Demi’s secret for the perfect selfie is to know your angles; You should know which side works best for you and also ensure that the light is good. The star has gone through hard times throughout her life, but has managed to get ahead and so she knows very well what advice to give her fans. "I have my bad days, but making daily affirmations helps me a lot. I stop, I look in the mirror and say to myself that I'm beautiful." As for her beauty tips, the artist says it is best to sleep, drink lots of water and be aware that beauty comes from within. "It's all about having security," she says.

Demi has decided to temporarily move away from the stage after working nonstop for a long time. "I've been working very hard, so I think it would be very good to get some rest." We hope to have her back soon!

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