How Britain's royals name their babies

There are some longstanding customs and conventions to consider

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Royal baby names aren’t usually announced straight after the birth. Typically, there is a delay of two or three days, which allows the new parents time to consider their decision carefully. 

Some decisions take longer than others. Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank announced their son August’s name 11 days after his birth in  2021, while back in 1988, the Duke and Duchess of York took two weeks to confirm Princess Beatrice's name. The late Queen Elizabeth II certainly didn’t rush the important matter of her firstborn son and heir’s moniker. The public didn't learn that their future King would be called Charles until a whole month after his arrival in 1948.

Many of the names used have been used for generations. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son George, for example, can find many other Princes with the same name in his family tree. 

And by giving their children several names, parents have scope to indulge their own tastes while also paying tribute to family members. Many of the late Queen's female grandchildren and great-grandchildren, including Princess Beatrice, Lady Louise Windsor, Princess Charlotte and Isla Phillips, have Elizabeth as their middle name. 

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While they’re likely to have lots of first names, members of the royal family traditionally don't use a surname at all. Where one is needed, for example at school, they may simply use their father's title. So Prince William and Prince Harry were known to their schoolfriends as William and Harry Wales, a nod to their father the Prince of Wales. 


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