Ava Philippe keeps an open mind on attraction

The daughter of Hollywood stars Reese Witherspoon and her ex-husband Ryan Philippe, Ava is adept at dealing with interest in her personal life.


Recently, the 22-year-old was answering fans’ questions on Instagram Stories when one asked about her sexuality, writing: "Do you like boys or girls?" Ava’s reply was relaxed and candid: "I'm attracted to... people! (Gender is whatever)."

Currently (1) the beautiful influencer has a boyfriend, Owen Mahoney, who is, like her, a student at the University of California, Berkeley. The couple have been dating since 2019.

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Ava shares a close bond (2) with her mum Reese, who has spoken proudly about her eldest child to InStyle magazine: 

“She is so down-to-earth (3). She wants to do great things in the world. She's studying and learning and trying to find herself. 
"It’s a big thing in life to try different things and figure out (4) what is really your path."

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The actress - who also has two boys, Deacon, 18, and Tennessee, nine - explained how she’s tried to help her children deal with growing up in the spotlight. 

"It’s an odd (5) situation because I didn't grow up famous," she said. "So they are living an experience that I did not have. 

"We are lucky enough to have friends who grew up in Hollywood and can give them advice on how to navigate.”

1. Currently = At the moment
2. Bond = Tie
3. Down-to-earth = In touch with ordinary life
4. Figure out = Discover an answer
5. Odd = Strange, unusual 

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