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Barbie Dreamhouse© HGTV / Getty Images

Take a look inside the jaw-dropping and iconic nostalgia of HGTV’s Barbie Dreamhouse

It’s like a time machine to the past, with a touch of modern magic and tons of pink

Shirley Gomez
Senior Writer
JULY 20, 2023 1:07 PM EDT

Step right up, folks! The ultimate showdown of creativity and nostalgia is palpable inside the Barbie Dreamhouse. A new challenge hosted by the fabulous and fierce Ashley Graham showcased in a four-part event series a house like nothing you’ve seen before.

Eight teams of HGTV superstars and a genius Food Network chef battled it out to transform a regular Southern California home into the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse. Each team draws inspiration from a different decade in the 60-year history of the Dreamhouse, including groovy 60s vibes, disco-tastic 70s flair, and all the neon-rific 80s energy we can handle! It’s like a time machine to the past, with a touch of modern magic and tons of pink. For weeks interior designers created stunning rooms, each paying homage to the pop culture and trends of its era.

Design with a purpose

The series is not for entertainment only; a generous donation to charity will be made to honor the team who recreated the best Barbie room because giving back is what Barbie’s all about.

And here comes the cherry on top! One lucky Barbie devotee will score the sleepover of a lifetime in the fully decked-out Dreamhouse. Can you imagine the selfies they’ll take, surrounded by all that Barbie magic?

Find below an inside look at the jaw-dropping transformations, iconic nostalgia, and a whole lot of fun!

Barbie Dreamhouse© HGTV / Getty Images

Here is the mesmerizing facade of the life-size Barbie fantasy oasis! From a blank canvas to a world of magic and wonder, with a generous splash of the iconic Barbie pink, we all know and love. Like a dream come true, get ready to be transported into a realm of pure fantasy, where every shade of pink imaginable dances harmoniously with the white canvas, creating a visual spectacle that’s simply jaw-dropping. From afar, it’s a vision of grace and charm, but up close, you’ll discover the intricate details that make this house special.

Barbie Dreamhouse© HGTV / Getty Images

Prepare to be amazed, folks, because Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas have taken “playful” to a whole new level with their jaw-dropping creation! To give the house that whimsical, toylike charm, they decided to go all out and added a signature handle to the roof. Yes, you read that right – a whopping 900-pound handle! It’s like stepping into a real-life fantasy world where everything is larger than life! This colossal handle isn’t just for show; it’s a nod to the childlike wonder we all carry within us.

Michel Smith Boyd© HGTV / Getty Images

The ingenious producers had a brilliant plan up their sleeves. They rented a house across the street and transformed it into an inspiration studio for the stars!

Michel Smith Boyd and other design superstars had their minds blown as they stepped into this wonderland of creativity. It was like walking into a time capsule that took them on a journey through every decade of Barbie’s iconic history. And what adorned this inspiration studio, you ask? Brace yourselves because it was an awe-inducing collection of Barbie dolls from every era imaginable!

The studio was a treasure trove of nostalgia and inspiration from the classic 50s charm to the groovy 60s, the funky 70s, and the rad 80s. As Michel and the other design maestros delved into this doll-filled haven, they were engulfed in the essence of each era, igniting their imaginations like never before.

Can you imagine the sheer excitement and creativity buzzing in that studio? It was like witnessing a brainstorming session of epic proportions, where ideas collided and inspiration ran wild.

The address of the house is 219, a nod to the Pantone color for official Barbie pink. Evan and Keith used the shade on the entry, fountain and window boxes.© HGTV / Getty Images

Now, here’s a fun little secret that adds an extra touch of charm to HGTV’S Barbie Dreamhouse! Are you ready for this? This wonderland’s address is 219, paying homage to the iconic Pantone color for official Barbie pink! How cool is that?

With a stroke of genius, Evan and Keith embraced this delightful hue and splashed it across the Barbie dream home’s entry, fountain, and window boxes. The entryway, adorned in the enchanting Barbie pink, welcomes you with open arms. It’s as if the house is whispering, “Come on in, and let the magic unfold!”

And oh, the fountain! A captivating centerpiece is brimming with that delightful shade of pink. As if that wasn’t enough, Evan and Keith worked their magic on the window boxes, too, giving each one a touch of the iconic Barbie pink.

Pink artificial turf is not easy to find, but Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt tracked it down for the Y2K-style backyard.© HGTV / Getty Images

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt are masters of the impossible! When it came to creating that Y2K-style backyard for the Barbie Dreamhouse, they wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection. And guess what? They managed to unearth the elusive pink artificial turf!

HGTV said finding this rare gem was no walk in the park. Pink artificial turf is like a unicorn in the world of landscaping, but Brian and Mika are no ordinary designers - they’re superheroes of style! They scoured far and wide, leaving no stone unturned until they stumbled upon the holy grail of vibrant pink turf.

The backyard, a mesmerizing blend of nostalgia and modern flair, is now adorned with this unique pink treasure. It’s like a carpet of candy-colored dreams, transporting you straight back to the Y2K era of pop culture magic.

The pink artificial turf adds an electrifying burst of color, setting the stage for endless adventures and playful escapades in Barbie’s world.

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson's 1990s-themed Barbie entryway© HGTV / Getty Images

Welcome to a blast from the past - Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson’s 1990s-themed Barbie entryway! Step right in, and prepare to be transported to a world of grunge, neon, and all things 90s nostalgia. As you set foot in this jaw-dropping entryway, you’ll be greeted with a riot of colors that define the vibrant decade.

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson's 1990s-themed Barbie living room© HGTV / Getty Images

Egypt and Mike have truly outdone themselves, capturing the essence of the 90s in every detail of this Barbie. Check out this living room!

Jasmine Roth and Antonia Lofaso's 1960s-themed Barbie kitchen a life-sized replica (almost) of the original Barbie dollhouse© HGTV / Getty Images

Jasmine Roth and Antonia Lofaso have created a kitchen that’ll take you on a time-traveling adventure! Get ready to be whisked away to the swinging 1960s with their fabulous Barbie kitchen – a life-sized replica (well, almost!) of the original Barbie dollhouse. Imagine stepping into this groovy kitchen, where every detail oozes retro charm.

The colors, the patterns, and the iconic 60s style come together to create a culinary wonderland that’ll leave you utterly enchanted. The walls are adorned with funky wallpaper, each design reminiscent of the era’s psychedelic art, transporting you back to the days of peace, love, and flower power.

And, oh, the bold and vibrant hues! The appliances are a nod to the cutting-edge technology of the 60s. You’ll find vintage-inspired ovens, refrigerators, and mixers; all decked out in charming pastel shades that Barbie herself would adore. Step right in and savor the wonder of the 1960s, Barbie style!