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Happy birthday!

Camila Cabello welcomes her birthday in a blue bikini

The singer is celebrating her 27th birthday with some time spent under the sun.

Camila Cabello is celebrating her 27th birthday! In a new Instagram post, Cabello showed the world how she enjoyed the special day, which included some bikini pics, cake, and plenty of wine.

The post is made up of various polaroid photos, showing some of the activity Cabello did over her birthday. She’s seen eating cake from bed and wearing a blue bikini that she paired with a cowgirl hat. One photo shows her with the bikini and the hat, enjoying a backdrop of nature. The last polaroid in the post shows a spilled wine glass and the word “oops” written with Scrabble tiles.

“Thank you for the birthday sweetness,” she captioned the post. “Love you right back.”

Cabello recently dyed her hair blonde, a marked departure from the hairstyle she’s had over the course of her public life. In an interview with Puss Puss Magazine, Cabello revealed that the marked change was intentional and was something that she was planning on incorporating in her music.

Cabello’s new hairstyle and what it means for the future

“I feel like my dark hair was such a big part of my identity to me and also to the way people perceive me. I just kind of wanted to have fun and be a chameleon and change,” said Cabello to the outlet. “I feel like I needed to have a different physical appearance, something different to kind of help me channel that energy that I accessed in my songwriting voice more.”

When discussing her new music and the themes in it, Cabello described it as “part of a kind of reinvention.” It’s unknown when the album will be released, but it’s clear she’s been working on new music over the past couple of months.

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