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Paquita la del Barrio shares a message of solidarity for Shakira: “You have everything in life, mija”

In a video addressed to Shakira, the Mexican regional singer said, the Colombian pop star can count her as a friend

Most people have taken sides regarding the new song Shakira released with DJ Bizarrap in which she slams her ex. Countless celebrities have reacted to the music, which the artist herself defined as her “catharsis” after the painful breakup with the father of her children, Gerard Piqué.

The famous Colombian singer has received criticism, praise, and support from her fans and the artistic community. Paquita la del Barrio, a Mexican regional performer known for her spiteful and sentimental love songs, took to social media to send Shakira a message of solidarity during this pivotal moment in her life.

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Shakira and Bizarrap are breaking records with their song - ‘Music Session Vol.53’

Paquita la del Barrio, famous for songs like Rata de dos patas (Two-legged Rat), or Cheque en blanco (Blank Check), shared a video on her social media to show her full support for the Colombian star. In the short video, she assures Shakira that she can find a confidant and a friend in her. “My dear friend and comrade, Shakira, I’m Paquita la del Barrio. I found out that you are having a problem with your family, and I want you to know I’m with you because I’m a woman, and if anyone in life knows about these things, it’s me, your friend,” said the singer, whose real name is Francisca Viveros Barradas.

“Give it your all. The important thing is that you have your children, someone to live for and everything in life, Mija. Don’t worry,” added the well-known singer renowned for songs and lyrics about unfaithful and ungrateful men. Paquita offered Shakira her help if she needed it. “I am in Mexico; if you need anything from me, with pleasure, know that I’m here to help. Sending you a big hug, and may God bless you.

Reflecting on the lyrics of her own songs, Paquita added: “I have (songs) for all kinds of problems; I don’t know why I came into this world, I believe that’s why I came, songs like these rain down on me from people who are hurting. The job we have is very nice, don’t get down (don’t get depressed), give it a go as I told you: you have someone to live for, just like me, that’s what keeps us standing, our family, children...give it your all”. To conclude her message, the 75-year-old sang a fragment of her song Las rodilleras.

Paquita knows a lot about heartbreak. Her first love was not only unfaithful but after living together, she found out that he was married and had a family. So Paquita clearly knows about betrayal and heartbreak.

Paquita, the singer from Veracruz, has also had problems with the Treasury, similar to Shakira, but instead of in Spain, Mexico. The singer was taken into custody in December 2007 at the Mexico City international airport. According to reports from the Mexican newspaper El Universal, the authorities detained her for the alleged tax fraud of 1.5 million Mexican pesos. After spending a few hours in a detention center, Paquita was released, put her accounts in order, and settled the pending payments with the Treasury.

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