Rosalia©Courtesy of First We Feast
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Rosalia slips in an out of Spanish as she takes on the Hot Wings challenge

She got some help from Rauw Alejandro to help her complete the challenge.

Rosalia had a laughing fit in the midst of her Hot Ones challenge. The Spanish singer joined Sean Evans on the show as she discussed her career and completed the hot wings challenge. She was visibly shaken from the spices and slipped in and out of Spanish as she dealt with the heat.

Rosalia©Courtesy of First We Feast
Rosalia on First We Feast

As she completed the challenge, Rosalia revealed she is not someone who regularly eats hot foods. This is made clear when she starts sweating and going in and out of Spanish, sharing how painful the eating experience is. At one point, she starts laughing, revealing that the wings are so hot that she doesn’t know what else to do.

By the closing moments of the episode, Rauw Alejandro joins in, offering Rosalia support by providing her with ice cream, water, and milk. Then the two answered some questions about each other, including how they inspire each other.

“She likes minimal stuff,” said Rauw when discussing Rosalia’s musical production. “She’s more simple, clean and minimal. I try to steal your sauce sometimes but she’s inspiring, she inspires me a lot in music and my personal life too.”

This year, Rosalia and Rauw released their first collaboration together. Titled “RR,” the EP is made up of three songs, including “Beso” and “Vampiros,” which both feature music videos. Over the course of promoting the EP, the pair revealed that they’ve been together for four years and that they’re engaged.

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