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Rauw Alejandro is reportedly selling the farmhouse Rosalía bought him as a wedding gift

News broke just hours after reports surfaced regarding Rosalía’s rumored romance with actress Hunter Schafer

When it comes to celebrity relationships and luxury real estate, the world is always wondering who will stay with what once the couple part ways. At the moment, gossip enthusiasts and property lovers are having a field day as Rauw Alejandro is reportedly placing on the market an opulent farmhouse he received as a gift from his former fiancée, Rosalía.

News broke just hours after reports surfaced regarding Rosalía’s rumored romance with actress Hunter Schafer. In 2023, both made headlines when Rosalía premiered her single, “Tuya,” and fans assured the track was about their romance way allegedly inspired the song before she began dating Rauw Alejandro.

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Now that Hunter Schafer has confirmed their romance, Alejandro has listed Mas Morera, the stunning estate in the quaint town of Manresa, Catalonia. The property is valued at a staggering two million euros, as informed by Europa FM.

Mas Morera’s rich history and architectural grandeur

Mas Morera, also known as the House of Mulberry Trees, is no ordinary property. Constructed in 1905 and meticulously designed by Ignasi Oms i Ponsa, it stands as a proud emblem of 20th-century Catalan modernism.

The estate, which comprises an eight-bedroom main house, a spacious kitchen, two elegant living rooms, and even a cellar for wine lovers, boasts an expansive 3,815 square meters of living space. It also includes four houses, sprawling agricultural land spanning 30 hectares, and a charming stable area.

With its distinctive L-shaped structure spanning three floors, the estate offers breathtaking views of the iconic Montserrat mountain range from several of its impeccably appointed rooms. Notably, Mas Morera holds the esteemed status of being recognized as a cultural asset of local interest, fully protected by Local Heritage regulations.

Prior to Rauw Alejandro’s ownership, Mas Morera was in the possession of Jean Claude Gaston Magnien, who inherited the property from his late wife. Originally belonging to Sant Domènec de Manresa, the estate underwent various ownership transitions before being acquired by the family behind Manresa’s renowned Torra shoe store.

The decision to part ways with Mas Morera follows Alejandro’s highly publicized split with Rosalía nearly a year ago. While the reasons behind his choice to sell remain undisclosed, speculations abound regarding the emotional significance of the property and its ties to his past relationship.

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