Dafne Evangelista©Dafne Evangelista

From Bangs to Slicked-Back Buns: Dafne Evangelista reveals top hair trends at Paris Fashion Week

The Miami- based celebrity stylist worked her magic at one of the most important fashion events of 2023.

Miami-based hair stylist Dafne Evangelista made waves at Paris Fashion Week 2023 with her exceptional talent for creating innovative and modern hairstyles. Her clients, including A-list celebrities such as Camila Coelho, Martha Graef, Marianna Hewitt, Candice Swanepoel and Olivia Culpo, were delighted with the personalized styles Dafne crafted, each perfectly complementing their unique personalities and fashion preferences.

During Paris Fashion Week, Dafne identified four key styles that took over the runway and the streets of Paris: The Bangs, Bardot Shag, Butterfly Cut, and Slicked-Back Bun. All were popular styles among fashionistas and celebrities. The most popular style was The Bangs, which added a playful and edgy touch with its messy texture. The Bardot Shag, on the other hand, was perfect for those who wanted a more relaxed and tousled look.

Martha Graeff©Dafne Evangelista
Martha Graeff and Marianna Hewitt

Dafne skillfully incorporated her clients’ individual style into their hairstyles. For Marianna Hewitt, a super influencer, she artfully accentuated her client’s soft beachy waves, bringing out the radiance of her personal style in a contemporary and authentic way. For content creator and philonthropist, Martha Graeff, Dafne created a modern and natural wavy wet look.

For those seeking a bold statement, the Butterfly Cut featured short layers and texture, providing a unique and eye-catching appearance. For Camila Coelho the stylist opted for a trendy messy bun with bags which used cascading layers and unique texture to create a hairstyle that perfectly framed her gorgeous face. The result? A fail-proof and fashion-forward hairstyle that effortlessly captured Camila’s features and beauty.

Camila Coelho’s hair styled by Dafne Evangelista©Dafne Evangelista
Camila Coelho’s hair styled by Dafne Evangelista

The Slicked-Back Bun was seen in many haute couture shows and was the go-to choice for those who wanted a sleek, sophisticated look perfect for the runway or a night out and this was the style she selected for Latina Powerhouse, Olivia Culpo. She mader her look elegant and trendy with a gorgeously crafted classic sleek bun.

Olivia Culpo’s sleek hair style during Paris Fashion Week 2023©Dafne Evangelista
Olivia Culpo’s sleek hair style during Paris Fashion Week 2023

Dafne Evangelista’s exceptional work during Paris Fashion Week 2023 showcased her bold and innovative approach to hairstyling, coupled with her passion for fashion which shone through in her styles. With her finger on the pulse of the latest trends and her willingness to push boundaries, we can’t wait to see what else this stylist has in store in the future.

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