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Ranking on Pinterest: 10 hairstyles we would see everywhere during Spring 2022

Spring is officially the season of new beginnings and is the perfect time to switch it up and experiment

Choosing a hairstyle can be challenging, especially with ever-changing trends and so many styles to choose from. Spring is officially the season of new beginnings and is the perfect time to switch it up and experiment with a fresh hairdo.

Whether you like your hair up or down, prefer a middle or side parting, the trend experts at WeThrift have delved into Pinterest data and ranked the top ten trending hairstyles based on their search volume increase from the start of the year to now to inspire your next hairstyle.

Here’s how the top 10 hairstyle trends on Pinterest Ranked:

  • Sleek bun - 83% increase
  • French bob - 34% increase
  • Bleach blonde - 28% increase
  • White blonde - 25% increase
  • Cornrows - 25% increase
  • Curly bob - 22% increase
  • Messy bun - 21% increase
  • Shaggy hair - 21% increase
  • Choppy bob - 20% increase
  • 90’s blowout - 20% increase

Sleek bun - 83%

Unsurprisingly, the sleek bun is the highest trending hairstyle on Pinterest, and its popularity is set to continue through to Spring. It is polished and sophisticated and works well for you if you need low maintenance, practical style to complete daily tasks.

This hairstyle is the ultimate sleek look, your hair is not in your way, and if styled well, it remains intact all day.

Trend expert Nick Drewe at WeThrift says, “The sleek bun has taken social media by storm; not only is it the number one trending hairstyle on Pinterest, but #sleekbun has 59.3M views and counting on TikTok. With its growing popularity, we can see the sleek bun maintaining its spot at number one trending hairstyle for a long time, particularly through the Spring and Summer months.”

French bob - 34%

The French bob is the second trending hairstyle on Pinterest, with a 34% increase in search volume since the start of the year. A french bob is shorter than a regular shoulder-length bob; the inspiration behind this chic look comes from the 1920s and 1930s, an era that is home to sultry jazz music.

This look is an excellent move from the boyfriend and regular bob; its sharp framing and short fringe stand out as a timeless, stylish hairstyle.

Bleach blonde - 28%

As the summer months fast approach, it’s no surprise bleach blonde hair is trending on Pinterest. The usual trend is to darken your hair for Winter and lighten back up for Summer, especially with hair naturally becoming lighter due to the sun anyway.

But with so many different shades of blonde these days, from strawberry to ‘bronde,’ it seems the bright, bleach blonde remains a favorite during Summer.

White blonde - 25%

White blonde has been growing in popularity since the early 2000s. Despite being a high-maintenance hair color and needing touch-ups every 3-5 weeks, mainly if your natural color is darker, we just can’t get enough of this extraordinary and icy color.

Top tip: If you find your hair brassy, use a purple shampoo once a week to counteract those yellow undertones. Or, use the purple shampoo to add a hint of soft blue, purple, or grey to make the color really pop.

Cornrows - 25%

The purpose of cornrows is to act as a low-maintenance protective hairstyle for textured hair.

This hairstyle is a prevalent braiding style in many African cultures and is particularly popular coming to the spring and summer months, as it is a style that remains intact for quite some time.

Curly bob - 22%

If you’re looking for more volume instead of length, you may want to try the curly bob. With the right hair products, the curly bob is perfect for naturally curly hair, as you won’t need to do a lot of work. However, if you’re not naturally curly, you can still try this hairstyle with the right styling tools.

We can style the curly bob in many ways, such as tight ringlet curls or loose beach waves. You can even add additional levels of texture, whether you prefer your bob layered, blunt, or inverted at the back.

Messy bun - 21%

One of the most timeless hairstyles is a messy bun. The name says it all - the purpose of the messy bun is to look as effortless as possible. It’s the ultimate ‘I woke up like this’ look. Though its title includes the word ‘messy,’ this hairstyle can be dressed up or down and tweaked to look just as glam as any other hairstyle for any occasion.

The great thing about this effortless hairstyle is you only need a few tools to get your desired look, such as a bobble (or two depending on the thickness of your hair) and a few hair grips.

With the versatility of a messy bun, the outcome will be good, no matter the length or texture of your hair. Throw the rule book away and create your messy bun just how you like it.

Shaggy hair - 21%

It appears this 70’s shaggy haircut is back in style. Its versatility means everyone can rock it, and how you style is up to you, too - whether your hair is thin, wavy, or curly, it should work for you.

The ‘shag haircut’ has already been a hit with some celebrities, such as Maisie Williams and Billie Eilish, with its signature choppy layers and voluminous look.

Choppy bob - 20%

It seems that bobs are the reigning trend of 2022 so far. The choppy bob is a relaxed style that works well for all face shapes, with the blunt ends making you look like you mean business!

Nick Drewe, a trends expert at WeThrift, adds, “There is a lot of power in wearing this haircut; the difference from regular bob is, it is such an effortless look that it is hard to resist.”

90s blowout - 20%

We can all agree that the 90s beauty trends are getting bigger and better. This glam look was made iconic by the likes of Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, and Alicia Silverstone.

The heart of the 90s blowout is the volume; it is mainly loved for that aspect, along with the silky texture and overall classy fluffy-haired look.

The 90s blowout look is so easy to achieve at home, too, with handy tools available such as hot airbrushes and velcro rollers. Or, if you’re fancying a little bit of luxury, visit your favorite hair salon for a professional, bouncy blow-dry.

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