VALDÉ NFT Collective

Peruvian-founded company VALDÉ will become the first beauty brand to host an event in the Metaverse

Celebrating the launch of The Divine Collection and the debut of the Valdé NFT Collective

Valdé Beauty is part of the Metaverse and wants you to partake in it too! Founded by Peruvian American Margarita Arriagada, a beauty industry veteran and entrepreneur who served as CMO of Sephora for over a decade, Valdé will be celebrating the launch of The Divine Collection and the debut of the Valdé NFT Collective on Thursday, January 27th at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET.

The historic event for the beauty industry will be held at the Ainsley Gallery in Decentraland and will be the first time a beauty brand will host a launch event in the Metaverse. During the party, guests will enjoy the NFT artwork created to accompany each piece in The Divine Collection.

Meet Valentina. She is a World of Woman artwork #7308 who has the unique exclusive trait of warrior armor signifying strength and courage.

“It‘s a tsunami. It’s happening fast. It feels major, and it does feel like the relaunch of the internet because that‘s how vast it is,” Arriagada told HOLA! USA and other media outlets during a virtual press conference. “This is a predominantly male-oriented space. And coming back full circle to the brand’s mission, I think women have such an incredible opportunity to help shape it for us, to add value. There’s certainly a financial aspect, but more importantly, It is a great space to really partake.”

According to Margarita being in the Metaverse feels intuitive for her. “It feels like I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. This experience has felt like baptism by fire,” she said. “I am determined to help usher and share the knowledge and bring anyone along that is interested in experiencing because literally, we’re building it. That‘s how native it is. It is a very exciting space and one that can allow us to help build community.”

If you love the sense of belonging and having physical items is your thing, the beauty brand also launched a coveted handcrafted crystal Armor. They are carved from precious quartz minerals – White Quartz, Chevron Amethyst, and Rose Quartz – into a vessel that protects lip products and elevates everyday rituals into meaningful moments of self-love and reflection.

VALDÉ handcrafted crystal Armor carved from precious quartz minerals

“The shape of the armor was inspired by a female form,” Arriagada told HOLA! USA. “For me, it was important that the Armor vessel would not be that significantly larger than a regular lipstick that it would feel ergonomic. But there were two things that that really drove this space of wanting to create something like this that was sculptural. I wanted to celebrate the woman. I wanted to celebrate the femininity and the strength of the woman, and when I started this design, I had a super bullet type of a motif, but at the same time, I had sort of a ballerina tutu.”


The beauty veteran told us that the design transposes one over the other resulting in what we can enjoy today. “The shape of the opening symbolizes the lipstick bullet, and the outer shape means this balance that women don‘t have to sacrifice their femininity to show their strength.”

Crystal Armors will only be available in rare quantities. Edition #1 of the White Quartz Armor will be auctioned and come with NFT art and a set of exclusive benefits for the holder. All Phygital pieces unlock a lifetime membership in the Valdé NFT Collective, with VIP experiences, perks, and a thriving community supporting women beauty entrepreneurs and artists.

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