Selena Gomez for Rare Beauty
Seeking a leader

Selena Gomez is hiring for her beauty company - do you have what it takes?

The Boyfriend singer wants to change the beauty industry and bring social impact

Selena Gomez is now hiring a Director of Social Impact for her makeup brand, Rare Beauty. The person who gets hired for the role will redefine the impossible beauty standards from the industry. “I will play an active role in the hiring process, I really want to make sure that this person and I connect. We are very serious about how we make people feel, how we want them to feel welcomed and connected with our family,” shared the 27-year-old entrepreneur on her post. Besides working side by side with Selena, the director of social impact will connect with people to bring awareness to the impractical beauty expectations and shape the company’s mental health support.

Selena Gomez for rare beauty©@rarebeauty
The 27-year-old singer is now hiring a director of social impact

Recently, Selena was spotted wearing Rare Beauty for her new Boyfriend video and is always encouraging her fans with positive messages. The nascent beauty brand is planning to launch in summer 2020 and it is different than other traditional beauty companies. Selena wants to shed unrealistic beauty paradigms and shine a light on uniqueness. As more people struggle with mental health, the beauty entrepreneur wants to change the narrative about what beauty is and the pressures that come with it. You are not defined by a photo, a like or a comment. Rare beauty is not about how other people see you, it is about how you see yourself,” said Selena on her promotional video for the Rare Beauty.

Selena Gomez rare beauty©@rarebeauty
Selena Gomez wants to raise awareness about mental health with Rare Beauty

In the past, Selena has been candid about her own mental health struggles with bipolar disorder and she wants to offer support through her beauty brand. Raising a conversation around self-acceptance and beauty is at the core of Rare Beauty. The beauty maven wants to tackle women’s insecurities, how they compare themselves and connect people with mental health services. The right candidate will be a leader and grow social impact programs. So, if you think you are the ideal candidate for this position, you can apply here.

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