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Dua Lipa explains the meaning behind her ‘favorite’ tattoo

In an interview with The Rock, Lipa discussed her first and favorite tattoo.

Dua Lipa has many tattoos, but one holds a special place in her heart. In an interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Lipa opened up about her favorite tattoo, sharing a little bit of a backstory and why she likes it so much.

Saturday Night Live - Season 49©GettyImages
Dua Lipa hosting Saturday Night Live

Lipa was recently featured on the radio station SiriusXM, where she discussed her new record, “Radical Optism,” and some questions about her life and work. At one point, Lipa was shown a video of The Rock, who’d sent in some questions, including her favorite tattoo. “I think my favorite tattoo is the first tattoo that I ever got,” she explained.

“And it says ‘Sunny Hill.’ It’s up here on my arm,” she said, raising her sleeve to show off the ink, which is located right on the inside of her forearm. She explained her personal connection to it. “It’s the neighborhood my parents grew up in, in Kosovo. And it’s the name of our festival that we do in Kosovo, as well. It just has a very special place in my heart.”

Dua Lipa opened up about her experience hosting “Saturday Night Live”

Lipa’s interview with SiriusFX was released before she hosted and served as the musical guest at “Saturday Night Live.” In it, she revealed she was a bit nervous to pull double duty on the show, but that she was trying to focus on delivering a cohesive episode and not worry on focusing on one part of the show versus another one.

“It’s just a whole show together, and so it’s about everything being seamless and fun,” she said. “And I guess that’s more the crux of it rather than, ‘This has to be better than this part.’ I feel for me it all has to flow and be in harmony.”

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