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Dua Lipa reveals she wrote almost 100 songs for her new record

Dua Lipa wrote the songs on a notebook she purchased from CVS.

Dua Lipa prefers the old school method of writing songs. In an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Dua Lipa opened up about her writing process for her upcoming record, which included writing 97 songs on a random notebook she bought on CVS.

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Dua Lipa at the Grammys

Lipa explained that she began discussing the album in 2021, and wanted to get a notebook to draft down the process. "So, I went down to CVS, and I just bought a random notebook. Had I have known how important that book would’ve been, maybe I would’ve gotten a more fancy one,” she said. After being questioned for her choice to purchase the notebook from a pharmacy, Lipa made it clear that she’s passionate about CVS.

"I love CVS. I’m obsessed with it," she said. "There’s nothing like a CVS or going in and buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need."

Lipa ended up showing off the notebook and revelaed that it’s one of her special belongings, even if all the songs there won’t be featured in the album. "The second I write a song, I know whether it’s good or not — or whether it’s close to being good, and then I would rework it," she said. She joked that about "about 80 of them" are not up to par to the record.

Dua Lipa’s upcoming record

In August of 2023, Dua Lipa confirmed that a new record was in the making, and that it would be dropping at some point in 2024. Since, she’s revealed that her record is made up of 11 songs and that it’s inspired on British club culture. "This record feels a bit more raw. I want to capture the essence of youth and freedom and having fun and just letting things happen, whether it’s good or bad,” she said in an interview with Rolling Stone. 

Lipa released her record’s first single, “Houdini,” late last year. She’ll be releasing a new song called “Training Season” on February 15th.

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