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Hard moments

Christian Nodal on the Birth of His Daughter: ‘It Was Very Traumatic’

The singer revealed that his partner, Cazzu, was in life-threatening danger during the birth of their first daughter

For Christian Nodal and Cazzu, the arrival of their daughter Inti has been a life-changing event, filling their lives with a lot of love and happiness. However, not everything has been smooth sailing for the happy parents. As the singer revealed in a recent interview, the birth of their first daughter was extremely complicated, to the point that both Cazzu and the baby’s lives were at risk.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu have formed a beautiful family with Inti©@nodal
Christian Nodal and Cazzu have formed a beautiful family with Inti

Nodal shared this during an interview on the Mexican show “Noche de Luz,” hosted by Luz García, where he openly discussed the difficult moment he experienced during his daughter’s birth. “Her birth was very traumatic; it wasn’t pretty...,” the singer expressed. “It was going as a natural birth, and at the last moment, the water broke, the umbilical cord came out first, and then the head got crushed. I was monitoring the heartbeat machine, and it started... it’s the worst feeling in my life.”

Christian, who was present in the delivery room, revealed that seeing the lives of his beloved partner and their daughter in danger made him feel like his life was falling apart: “I was like, ‘God, please, I never ask you for anything, don’t do this to me... I can’t take this blow,” he shared, confessing to having had very dark thoughts at that moment in his life.

For the singer Inti has become the protagonist of their lives©@nodal
For the singer Inti has become the protagonist of their lives

Although he loves fatherhood to the fullest and is completely smitten by Inti, Christian Nodal also revealed, in another part of the interview, that the idea of becoming a father was not something he had in mind. However, he wasn’t completely ruling it out either. “I didn’t see myself as a father, but it wasn’t something I was dodging,” he stated.

Inti, the protagonist in his life

In a recent interview with Billboard, the multi-time Latin GRAMMY winner described his feelings about fatherhood. “It’s like your life is a movie where you’ve always seen yourself as the main character. But then you realize that you’ve actually been a supporting role all along. Now, the true star has arrived,” he said, emotionally.

Inti y Nodal©@nodal
El intérprete se siente muy feliz con esta nueva faceta de su vida

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