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Cazzu con su hija Inti© @nodal

Cazzu and Nodal’s daughter celebrates her first eight months

Cazzu’s sister, Florencia Cazzuchelli, shared new photos of the baby

Senior Writer
JUNE 14, 2024 3:57 PM EDT

Cazzu has faced an intense couple of months. The Argentinean artist recently shared the news of her break up with Christian Nodal, who’s since revealed he started a new relationship with Angela Aguilar. Cazzu remains in Argentina, with her daughter, where she’s shared updates of her life, including a new home and the decorations of her baby’s bedroom. Her sister, Florencia, has shared some new images of her daughter, commemorating her first eight months.

Cazzu y su hija Inti© @cazzu
Cazzu and her daughter Inti

Florencia Cazzuchelli shared the new images of Inti on social media, who celebrated her first eight months on June 14. The image shows Inti in the kitchen, playing with flour and wearing an adorable outfit with flower prints. Inti looks focused and entertained with her game, with Florencia adding some cute emojis of a chef and a chicken.

Inti, Nodal and Cazzu’s daughter©
Inti’s most recent appearance on social media

Nodal and Cazzu shared the news of their split in mid May. Nodal shared a post on his Instagram stories, explaining the decision to his followers. “It’s time to announce that Julieta and I have gone on separate routes. Our love and respect remain strong, especially in our role as parents to our wonderful daughter Inti. I’m incredibly grateful over the moments we’ve shared and will forever carry those memories with love. I appreciate your support and understanding through this time of change,” he wrote.

Cazzu shared a similar message shortly after.

Cazzu e Inti© @cazzu
Cazzu sharing a photo of her new beginnings.

On May 30th, Cazzu shared a new photo on social media, showing her daughter’s new bedroom. “New beginnings,” she wrote.