Shakira pokes fun at her son during their family night at Alejandro Sanz’s concert©Getty Images
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Shakira pokes fun at her son during their family night at Alejandro Sanz’s concert

The Colombian singer also spent time with her nephew Tarik, the son of her brother Tonino

Shakira attended Alejandro Sanz’s concert in Miami, accompanied by her two sons, Milan and Sasha, and her nephew Tarik, the son of her brother Tonino. The event, held at the Kaseya Center Stadium, showcased Alejandro Sanz’s incredible talent and reinforced the deep bond that had developed between him and Shakira over the past two decades.

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The night was filled with music, laughter, and genuine affection as Shakira shared her thoughts on the performance and even playfully commented on her son Milan’s concert attire.

Shakira and Alejandro Sanz’s friendship

Shakira and Alejandro Sanz crossed paths over twenty years ago when they collaborated on the chart-topping hit “La Tortura.” This collaboration catapulted both artists to new heights of professional success and sowed the seeds of a remarkable personal bond. Since then, they have regarded each other as close as family, and their reunion at the Miami concert was a testament to this enduring friendship.

“Today, I went to see my brother sing and be himself. Ale, you have such artistry, and it’s lovely to see such a great artist like you always being so close to your audience. You’re amazing, Alejandro,” Shakira shared with her fans on social media, alongside a picture from the show.

Shakira’s humorous side

The night wasn’t all about serious praise and music; there was plenty of room for humor and family fun. Shakira couldn’t resist poking a little fun at her eldest son, Milan, for his chosen concert attire. She affectionately compared him to Bizarrap, a famous Argentine DJ known for always wearing a cap and sunglasses.

Shakira and Milan©Shakira

“I came with my mini Bizarrap,” Shakira shared in a video with Milan at Alejandro Sanz’s concert, showcasing her playful side and loving relationship with her children. The reference to Bizarrap was met with laughter and humor from fans, and even the DJ himself joined in on the fun, responding with a witty comment. “He’s got more style than me,” Bizarrap humorously wrote, acknowledging the fashion sense of Shakira’s mini-me.

The highly successful “Sanz en Vivo” tour

Alejandro Sanz has kicked off his “Sanz en Vivo” tour in the United States after successful shows in Spain, Mexico, and Latin America. The Kaseya Center in Miami, FL, saw a sold-out performance on Saturday night, featuring appearances by Camilo, Elena Rose, Yotuel, and Beatriz Luengo. The unforgettable show left a lasting impression on the 12,000 fans in attendance. The tour will continue with exciting shows in Chicago and Washington D.C. before concluding with a sold-out date in New York.

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