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Ben Affleck shows off his Spanish jokes on the red carpet

Affleck made fun of the famous Spanish gossip program “El gordo y la flaca.”

Ben Affleck knows an impressive amount of Spanish. The actor showed off some of his jokes while on the red carpet for his new film, “Air.” The cameras captured the moment as Affleck talked about the gossip program “El gordo y la flaca,” jokingly requesting them to stop making up lies.

Ben Affleck, 'El gordo y la flaca'©El gordo y la flaca
Ben Affleck jokes with the reporter from ‘El gordo y la flaca.’

The program shared the moment in one of their Instagram stories, showing Affleck’s “rant” and the reporter’s laugh. “From ‘El gordo y la flaca,’ how are you?” asked the reporter in Spanish. Affleck replied in Spanish, jokingly puffing his chest and calling out the show. “’El gordo y la flaca!’ Liars. Why are you always lying? You guys don’t know anything,” he said, speaking straight at the camera. “I don’t care if you’re fat or skinny, you have to tell the truth!”

The social media account shared the moment with pride, writing a message over the clip. “Ben Affleck is our fan,” they wrote. “Listen to what he told David Valadez in the premiere of his film.”

Amazon Studios' World Premiere Of "AIR" - Arrivals©GettyImages
Lopez and Affleck at the premiere of “Air”

Over the past few weeks, Affleck has been celebrating the release of “Air,” which he directed and stars in. Affleck seems particularly proud and moved by the release of this film, which is the first under the banner of his new production company Artists Equity, launched alongside his longtime friend and collaborator Matt Damon.

Affleck introduced the film at SXSW, calling out his collaborators and his wife, Jennifer Lopez, in a moving speech. “This has been a joy, and I want to just enjoy this moment for one second,” said Affleck according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“And I want to say that none of it would be possible — this company, this movie, this joy tonight — without the love and support of my wife, who means more to me than anything in the world. I want to say thank you. I love you. You mean the world to me. You’re fabulous, you’re amazing, you’re wonderful, good, kind, magnificent and I love you.”

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