Alfonso Herrera’s painful memory during his time in RBD

The actor and singer will is not apart of the reunion

Alfonso Herrera has repeatedly said no to a reunion with his Rebelde colleagues, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Christian Chávez and Christopher Von Uckermann , and he has his reasons. The actor and singer recently revealed that he is still dealing with the trauma and pain from the tragic event in Brazil that left fans dead in 2006.

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Despite his decision not to reunite, Herrera still wishes his former bandmaters the best on the Soy Rebelde Tour, which begins in August. "I love that they are doing well because I appreciate them, I love them and I respect them," he told the newspaper El País, speaking out about the five members of the group.

He went on to talk about the memories they have together, which includes the sad and heavy moment in Brazil, when 3 fans died in Sao Paul during a crowd surge as thousands tried to get autographs. “We share things that no one else will be able to know and that the six of us were there in hard, happy and difficult moments like when it was in Brazil.”

The tragic event left the group traumatized and without support from Televisa, the network behind the soap opera Rebelde and the RBD group. He said he still has fears of being in crowds. “To this day, I still have a bit of fear when I go to a place where there are a lot of people. We went alone and we supported each other because we did not have psychological support to be able to deal with this situation,” he explained.

“It was very hard. Years later we returned to Brazil, we met the relatives and I met the father of one of the girls who lost her life. That event marked me in a very profound way and as much as I try to turn it around, it is still there,” the actor added.



The singer also faced problems when it came to revenue. Between 2004 and 2009, RBD was the most successful Latin pop group with the members giving life to the endearing characters of the Mexican adaptation of the telenovela Rebelde. Because the story took place in one of the most prestigious schools in the country -although fictitious- the public imagined that the actors had millions in the bank, which was not true at all.

“We signed a contract in which we ceded the rights to the character, the image of the character and everything that was exploited in merchandising, we did not see a single peso. I was 23 or 24 years old and I saw the faces of my colleagues and my face on all the sideboards selling cookies, chewing gum, juices, notebooks, tennis shoes, pencils and nothing,” he explained.

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“The TV company was not fair and it is not a money issue, I say it again, it has to do with a work issue, that we did a Los Angeles Coliseum with 63 thousand people, for example, and I was paid 18 thousand pesos,” he continued. For these reasons, Herrera chose to continue his career in front of the cameras, leaving RBD in his memories.

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