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Happy Holidays!

Brooke Shields almost didn’t make it home for Christmas

The 55 year old actress didn’t make it home as planned due to a snow storm.

Everyone can relax, Brooke Shields made it home for Christmas! Shields was in Los Angeles, California last week on location for a shoot but was stuck after her flights were cancelled due to a snow storm. Earlier that day, Shields said in an Instagram live with her trainer that the first thing she wanted to do when she got home was decorate her Christmas tree. She might have had to wait a couple days but her house is finally ready. On Sunday she shared a cute selfie with her tree and captioned the post, “House and tree done.... it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ❤️💚.”

On Friday Shields explained that she had made it home after a snow storm and canceled flights. She wrote in the caption, “Made it home after a snow storm and cancelled flights and look who was waiting for me... my buddy Tenley 🐶.”

Shields was coming home from a national commercial campaign she shot in LA. She explained in an IG live that she had been in a hotel for the last 4 days quarantining. “I am in LA right now. I have been in a hotel for four days, I have been quarantined, and I have been covid checked.” Even with under-eye patches, the 55 year old actress looked beautiful. Shields and her trainer have been hosting workout sessions via Instagram live on Wednesday and didn’t want to cancel the live for the shoot. Her trainer joined her from the gym and they decided to just have talk for a few minutes. The conversation is super sweet and they tried saying bye to each other a few times before finding something else to talk about.

Shields admitted she was going “a little crazy” at the hotel since there are no gym’s or bars open in LA. Shields was supposed to head home on a red-eye after the shoot but had a feeling something was going to happen to her scheduled flight. Shields also opened up about her feelings with the pandemic and was hopeful for what seems like positive strides. “It feels good, just especially with the vaccines and all of this and just listening to the professionals and front line workers saying that they‘re finally seeing a light the end of the tunnel, it’s just so moving. And I just hope to God everybody gets a relief financially, for these businesses and God I just pray for it all.” She also expressed her concerns for the homeless people in her city. “I’m worried about the homeless in New York. I mean, just to be... just the shelter for people. And then covid wise, I mean that must be terrifying.”

Shields then took the convo to a more positive note and expressed how happy she was to be back working. The hard-working mama explained, “It’s been sort of a while because we’ve been so focused on getting my one daughter into college and my other one now she’s in high school so it’s like all those other things happened and then all of a sudden I get a taste of what I call my real life.”

The set Shields was on seems like it would be Tom Cruise approved. Shields said she wasn’t allowed on set before taking a covid test. Unfortunately the one they gave her was a skinny one she said felt like a “feather getting stuck” up her nose. “Sometimes the bigger ones are better.” Shields then had to wait in her car before getting the okay to get on set. “So everyone now in this room, still masked was tested today.”

The model went on to reveal some Hollywood secrets and joked about how she was getting her makeup done for 2 hours so it looked like she wasn’t wearing any. “And this is to make me look like I have no makeup on. Two hours in the makeup and hair chair to make me look like i don’t have any makeup on. I wake up like this evidently.”

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