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Brooke Shields proudly showed off her toned body in a stunning Instagram post

The 55-year-old model and actress shared a few black and white photos to her Instagram on Wednesday.

Brooke Shields stunned the world with her most recent Instagram post. On Wednesday, the actress posted a series of black and white photos showing the 55-year-old in a black one-piece laying in a garden. The photos are intimate and beautiful showing the model’s natural beauty and toned body. Shields captioned the post, “A great friend and a dream collaborator 🖤 thank you for believing in my vision and helping bring it to life. 📸 @helenachristensen.”

Fans quickly took notice of how in shape Shields’ body is in the post. One fan commented, “Ooooh those gorgeous long legs.” “Gorgeous❤️🌹 Brooke🌹 👍🏻👍🏻😍🤩😍,” said another. ”Best Brooke Pic ever !” one fan wrote. It doesn’t come as a surprise the 55-year-old model looks so good as she is candid about her workout routine and what keeps her body looking elongated and toned.

After her knee surgery in 2018, Shields prefers to work specific muscles separately, according to Women’s Health. “I started working on little individual muscles, and sort of shaping the muscles that don‘t really get attention,” she said in an interview on The Today Show.

When it comes to working her lower body, the actress favors resistance bands instead of lifting heavy weights. Supposedly, Shields finds she gets the same results for her body from smaller movements, according to Women’s Health.

“You don‘t have to deadlift 100 pounds. You can do small, teeny movements to activate these little muscles that actually wrap around other bigger muscles, and they tighten them all in. It was a revelation to work with a personal trainer and it not be a crazy painful thing,” she said in an interview with the magazine.

Shields isn’t shy to post her workouts to her Instagram and give fans a sneak peek into the impressive sessions she has with her personal trainer. In addition to small movements and using resistance bands, Shields also likes to switch up her positioning with certain exercises.

In an interview with Health, the model went more in-depth saying, “I‘ve just started hanging upside down in inversion boots, doing hamstring pulls and sit-ups. I’m amazed at how great it feels on my back. I’ll just hang there and then start doing a whole series of crunches and things like that. It’s really hard, but it’s really great, and I notice a difference.”

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