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Does your dog know when you’re drunk?

Don’t worry, your dog isn’t judging you

Dogs are fun and adorable when you’re sober, but they somehow get even cuter once you’ve been drinking. While we might love the extra attention, cuddles, and noises we make when we’re around them drunk, do dogs know when you’re lost in the sauce? And are they a fan of it?

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Rover is helping share insight into your dog’s thoughts about your drinking habits. In a recent post, the outlet explains that dogs have evolved to respond to humans, and they know when we’ve been drinking through our smell, body language, behavior, and routine changes, and there are reasons why this is important.


Dogs have about 40 times greater smell than us, and can smell when you’ve had some alcohol on your breath or if it’s been a big night, your pores. They’ve probably gotten used to your habits like a glass of wine or beer to relax after a busy day at work, but when you come home feeling extra saucy after a party, they might be thrown off.

Changes in body language

Dogs have also evolved to respond to our body language. If you’re wobbling around, walking differently, or moving erratically, they are going to notice, and they might grow concerned if they think it’s becoming unsafe.

Changes in behavior

If you’re extra giggling, talking loud, or feeling emotions that can come with drinking (like sadness or anger), they’ll feel the vibes too. If the volcano of emotions you’ve been bottling up suddenly explodes while you’re yelling at your partner over the phone, they’re going to be confused and concerned.

Your behavior can change in other ways too, like getting extra cuddly, loud, or rambunctious with playing. If you come home and start wrestling your dog, carrying them around the house screaming, or giving big dramatic hugs, it might end up overwhelming them. Rover suggests keeping your erratic movements and behaviors to a minimum when you’ve been drinking to avoid confusing them or making them feel unsafe.

Routine changes

After a night out, you might not wake up at the usual time, which means your breakfast gets pushed back, and so does your dog’s. They also will find themselves having to hold their potty longer. Whether it’s because you got home way later than expected from the bar and didn’t take them out before you left, or you slept in. You might find your dog waiting for you by the door, or trying to wake you up so they can finally empty the tank after a night out. If you suddenly start hitting the club more than usual, they’ll also notice that they are spending more time alone.

So while your dog has an idea of when your goose is loose, there are ways to make sure they aren’t overwhelmed or negatively affected. If you have a long night ahead of you, go on that extra long walk before you head out so your pup can get tired to sleep through his evening alone and empty his bladder before you stumble through the doors. And keep your drinks to yourself, dog’s should not have alcohol, even if your friends think it would be funny.

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