Get inspired by Rihanna and follow her meal plan!

Her diet regime includes chicken, eggs, fish and spices

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While it is no secret that Rihanna has achieved her toned silhouette with a rigorous exercise routine, the singer who hails from Barbados has a solid eating plan that is not as hardcore as you might think and that varies according to her mood. Her personal chef, Debbie Solomon, explained it all in an interview with Bon Appétit about how the songstress doesn't like to be tied to a specific weekly menu.

The Diamonds singer is very particular about these types foods. In fact, they are an integral part of the flawless singer's meal plan and simply cannot be missing from her diet. We are talking about proteins, vegetables, pasta, rice and countless spices. Learn how Rihanna combines food to stay healthy and in tip-top shape!


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A good breakfast must include eggs, according to Rihanna

Breakfast of champions: High in protein

Eggs are always part of Rihanna's breakfast and depending on her mood, she can have four hard boiled eggs with one piece of toast along with mixed berries, mango, pineapple and papaya. If she is in an excellent mood, according to her personal chef, she makes it lighter with egg whites, pineapple and hot water with lemon.

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Curry chicken can be combined with rice or vegetables

 Always different and always nutritious

When the singer is traveling, a delicious curry chicken is her favorite option. A fun fact is that the artist's aunt helped the chef improve the recipe! The main course can vary with vegetables, rice or pasta. Broth powder (Maggi cubes), curry, cumin seeds, garlic and onion are essential to this dish.

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A delicious salmon will always be a good nutritional option

Light supper

To close the day with a light menu, Rihanna mostly chooses to dine on fish with a salad or vegetables, a perfect combination for the singer's healthy diet.

Among other nutritional tips from the celeb's diet, Debbie Solomon highlights that she focuses on making meals inspired by Caribbean flavors... Delicious!

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Food and a good workout routine have been key to maintain the celeb's enviable, curvaceous body