It's hard to believe that Chiquinquira Delgado is in her late 40s! This Venezuelan beauty is known for her beauty, from her flawless skin to her fit figure. Fortunately for all her fans, the TV host and model regularly shares her secrets to a healthy lifestyle and her diet via her social media project Kira Life.

Here are three wonderful recipes to please those mid-afternoon cravings for sweet. And best of all, they are completely guilt-free!


Chiqui Delgado sports an enviable silhouette at 47

In one Kira Life post, Chiqui shared one of her fave snacks, which she calls "protein bonbons" and provided three super simple recipes for the treats.

With all three options, be sure to mix the ingredients well before rolling the dough into small balls with your hands. Then the treats need to be refrigerated for one to two hours. Okay, now that you know the basics, here are the ingredients! 

Almond bonbons

For this simple recipe, you just need peanut butter, almond flour and sliced almonds for these delicious bonbons that will satisfy your cravings. Studies have revealed that almonds contain a high percentage of proteins and that they are one of the healthiest natural fat sources. They have a low glycemic index and are ok for those who have diabetes.

Almonds contain a high protein index

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Coconut bonbons

For this recipe, you have to mix almond butter and almond flour along with grated coconut. This tropical small bite will satisfy your appetite due to its high fiber content, which will also result in better digestion as well as stabilizing blood glucose levels.

Cocoa and pistachio bonbons

Almond butter and almond flour come into play once again, but this time so do pistachios and cocoa powder. Eating pistachios will help you regulate your body weight, fend off anemia and improve cardiovascular health and blood sugar levels.

Pistachios are excellent for controlling your body weight

Is there a common denominator with these three combinations?  In addition to being delicious and easy to make, these bonbons will take help with your sugar levels. Practical Chiqui has a final tip: “Two bonbons are enough. Remember that they have a lot of added protein as well as fats!”

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