Chiquinquira Delgado Mother's Day

One look at Chiquinquira Delgado's Instagram feed and you'll see that the woman has incredible style. Part of the reason is that she knows how to shop like a pro thanks to her role as acting brand ambassador for Latinx fashion hub Stitch Lab. Her choice of fashion is sustainable style that will look good and last a lifetime. And this Mother's Day, she's letting her two daughters in on the secret of shopping smart. 

Chiquinquira Delgado's two daughters are following in her fashion footsteps and buying into sustainable fashion

The TV host's two daughters—María Elena Dávila and Carlota Valentina Sarcos Delgado—take after Chiqui when it comes to fashion. "They both have their distinct styles that are different from my own style," she told HOLA! USA. "But I think the most important thing is that they find their own identity. And I let them. I think that as a mom, you have to be very flexible even if their styles don’t match yours—you have to let them be free and independent, and let them find their identities."

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Carlota is her youngest and at just 8-years-old, she's already showing signs that she's going to be a fashion pro. "My daughters steal all of my purses, all of my clothes and everything in my closet," Chiqui joked. "The truth is whenever I get home, I'm missing a few pieces. [Carlota] tries on my shoes and tells me that they almost fit her. She steals my purses, she tries my clothes on in front of the mirror and then changes. Women, and especially Latina women, have that in our blood—that feeling to always want to dress up."

 "I think that as a mom, you have to be very flexible even if their styles don’t match yours—you have to let them be free and independent, and let them find their identities," she told HOLA! USA

Chiqui's older daughter María is following in her footsteps and making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, but she still gets some fashion advice from her mother. "The truth is, with this new trend of 'fast fashion,' everyone wants to get something new every week, but I always ask myself ‘at what cost?’ I always talk to my daughters about that," she explaianed. "I think it’s better to have fewer pieces that are conscious and will last your whole life. You have to be very selective with fashion and also always think about the environment."

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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