Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

News Flash: Cindy Crawford’s husband hates makeup but she has the perfect response to that

Cindy Crawford has shared her morning beauty routine which she admits is made for “getting out the door as fast as I can.” The 53-year-old supermodel shows how to get the look of bare, natural-looking beauty, but apparently even the no-makeup makeup look feels like too much for the likes of her husband, Rande Gerber. In a new beauty tutorial video for Vogue, the fashion icon reveals he hates makeup, but her response to him is basically all of us.

Cindy admits her husband, Rande Gerber, hates makeup, but her answer of "women do makeup for other women, not men," is simply perfect

“My husband hates makeup so this is already too much makeup for him, but I do explain to him that women do makeup for other women, not men,” she explains during her how-to-get-your-basic-out-the-door-face tutorial. And we couldn’t agree more! It’s an epic response for an epic model we must add.

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And in case you’re wondering, Cindy’s simple skincare routine is just as luxe as you’d imagine. The beauty mogul begins with the Youth Activating Melon Serum from her skincare brand, Meaningful Beauty and follows it up with eye cream which she uses every day and every night. She then shares her best-kept beauty secret that she learned from a makeup artist on the job: chilling a duo of Golden Ice Globes ($125) massage tools inside a glass of ice water for a cooling eye massage to combat bags and darkness. “It looks like a drink, mmmm, but they’re actually not,” she says.

The beauty mogul shared her daily skincare routine for “getting out the door as fast as I can,” she says 

As for makeup, the mom-of-two unveiled she uses the By Terry Light-Expert Click Foundation and Nars Stick Concealer to cover up any hyperpigmentation. She then uses the Chanel Healthy Glow Powder to set everything. She adds a swipe of eyeshadow and some blush on the apples of her cheeks.

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Clearly, Cindy has come a long way since her beginner days in the makeup department. The beauty entrepreneur admits she once knew nothing about the subject. “When I started modeling I knew zero about makeup and skincare,” she says.

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