National Geographic Hosts Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog Premiere "Pawty" And Live Screening
A better planet

Misbehaving dogs beware! Cesar Millan is back in action with a new training show

The dog trainer is ready to keep all puppies and owners in check

Misbehaving dogs, beware! Cesar Millan is ready to keep all puppies and owners in check with his new show, Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog. The dog trainer is every Friday at 9 pm/8 pm CST and 10 pm /9 pm CST on National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD and will bring to the tv screens his tricks and techniques on how to correct behavioral issues on canines.

As usual, the expert will introduce his most challenging cases to rehabilitated dogs. Millan also uses his Dog Psychology Center to present instances of dogs and their humans who have been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The center is a giant retreat for dogs. “43 acres of magic,” Millan said, as reported to ABC 7 Chicago. “So, I have my own area where I can help people immediately practice all of the activities, stretch, walk, run, rest, and sleep. They do stay at the ranch because I want to make sure that as they wake up, they learn about the formulas, the rituals, and the symbols. Now I have a place where people can stay over and I can submerge them in my philosophy with my community and with my animals.”

In Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog, viewers will learn to correct aggressive tendencies, dangerous eating habits, and stressful relationships with other pets.

“Learning how to connect, learning how to communicate, and how to achieve the relationship we are all looking for which is trust, respect, and love,” Millan said. “Imagine a world full of trust, respect, and love it would be just super positive, it would be a better planet, that’s why I’m saying, ‘Better Human Better Dog.’”

Cesar Millan’s successful career as a dog trainer, comes years after one of his good friends helped him to better his communication skills. “When I first arrived in America, I was working as a dog trainer in Los Angeles, and I met Jada Pinkett Smith. I worked with a lot of Rottweilers back then, and one day I gave a demonstration showing how to train them that Jada attended,” he wrote in a column for Newsweek.

“Then when someone gave her a Rottweiler, she called me, and I began to work with her. Our friendship developed to a point where I felt free to tell her, in my broken English, that I would love to have a TV or radio show so I could teach people what I knew about training dogs. She felt my sincerity and my passion and explained that I would need to speak English to do that,” he added. “Then, she got me an English tutor. I learned English for a year, and Jada and I have now been friends for decades.”

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