Pet love!

Test your knowledge about dogs before you get one!

Take this quiz for fun or if you’re thinking about bringing a furry friend into your life

If you are about to take this quiz, then like must love dogs! What’s more, you are probably considering welcoming a four-legged family member into your life to enjoy all the benefits of having a pet at home. If that is true, we congratulate you as it is one of the best decisions you can make to add more happiness into your life.

A major step like this should be something well thought through, after agreeing on it with the whole family, evaluating the costs as well as if you can organize yourself and your schedule. Having a dog is a big responsibility, some say it’s like having a kid.

Also, you may be evaluating wether to adopt or ‘purchase’ your pet. If this is case, we want to remind you that thousands of pets are abandoned each year and they could use a home and the love from a parent like you.

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