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Miss Universe 2024: This might be the biggest spectacle yet, with over 100 countries competing

Miss Universe 2024 will take place in Mexico, a country that has hosted the pageant in four previous occasions

The 73rd edition of the Miss Universe pageant, an international competition celebrating beauty, grace, and cultural diversity, will enthrall audiences this year. With 120 countries reportedly participating, this event promises to be a truly global spectacle that will captivate viewers worldwide.

Anne Jakrajutatip, the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) co-owner, recently took to social media to announce the impressive number of countries vying for the coveted title. In a Facebook post shared on April 19, Jakrajutatip expressed her excitement by showcasing a group of national directors who have signed up for this year’s contest.

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Under the co-ownership of Jakrajutatip’s Thai-based conglomerate JKN Global Group, the Miss Universe Organization has seen continued growth and evolution in partnership with the Mexican firm Legacy Holding. This partnership has brought fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to the iconic pageant, ensuring its relevance and appeal in the ever-changing global entertainment landscape.

As preparations for the 73rd edition of Miss Universe unfold, the reigning queen, Sheynnis Palacios, embarks on a captivating Asian tour alongside Anne Jakrajutatip. Palacios is traveling to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand to spread the message of empowerment and inclusivity.

Miss Universe 2024

Miss Universe 2024 will take place in Mexico, a country that has hosted the pageant in four previous occasions: 2007, 1993, 1989, and 1978. “I look forward to seeing what Mexico has to offer. El Salvador will be a tough act to follow!” said CEO of Miss Universe Organization Amy Emmerich in an exclusive to HOLA! USA. “We’re considering having the Preliminary in a 20k venue in Cancun - this hasn’t been approved yet but the possibility is very exciting.”

The 72nd Miss Universe Competition - Show©GettyImages

For the 2024 pageant, new rules will apply, including the elimination of the contestants age limits, allowing all women over 18 years old to participate no matter their age.

Miss Universe 2023 was the most inclusive ceremony yet

Contestants Rikkie Valerie Kollé from the Netherlands and Marina Machete from Portugal became the second and third trans women to participate in Miss Universe, following Angela Ponce’s participation in 2018. Camila Avella from Colombia and Michelle Cohn from Guatemala also made history as the first married women and mothers to participate in the pageant.

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