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Zendaya discusses her most ‘memed’ looks

Zendaya is one of the most fashionable people in Hollywood

Zendaya is one of the most exciting people to watch on the red carpet. She’s developed a long term partnership with Law Roach, with the two crafting bold looks that prompt conversations and that have positioned her as one of Hollywood’s leading style icons.

In a new video, Zendaya discussed some of her most iconic looks, including an outfit that she still sees memes of.

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Zendaya wearing her controversial outfit

The video was shared by Vogue, and is a part of the “Life in Looks” series of videos. Zendaya explores some of her top looks over the past decade, including her first Vogue cover, her first Met Gala appearance, and multiple show stopping moments at events like the Oscars and the Emmys. When discussing one of her earliest looks, which she wore at the 2014 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party, Zendaya reveals that she still sees posts and memes about it. “This was a controversial look,” she said, showing a photo of herself wearing a black jumpsuit while wearing a large hat on. “I still see memes about this particular look with my hat. But you know what? I stick by it.”

Zendaya discussed the origins of the look, which she and Law crafted together. “Me and Law thought it was chic at the time and I still think is chic and I would wear it again,” she said. She also teased that she might bring out the hat again. “I think Law might still have this hat. Might have to bring it out of the archives one day,” she said.

Zendaya’s latest stunning red carpet look

Earlier this week, Zendaya has been attending various premieres of her new film, “Challengers.” Over the course of her press tour, she’s worn elegant suits and dresses, and some stunning accessories that will be discussed in years to come, including some heels with tennis balls woven into the heel.

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