Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz©GettyImages
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Salma Hayek shares hilarious post celebrating Penelope Cruz’s SAG nomination

Cruz was nominated for her work in “Ferrari”

Salma Hayek is celebrating Penelope Cruz’s achievements. In an Instagram post, Hayek shared a heavily edited photo of herself and Cruz, congratulating her close friend over her SAG Award nomination.

The photo is in black and white and shows Cruz and Hayek huddled closely together and smiling. Both have their lips painted red and their brown eyes blown out in color. To showcase Cruz’s talent, Hayek photoshopped a crown into the image, right over her head. “Congratulations Queen Cruz on your so well deserved SAG nomination,” Hayek captioned the post. “As always, you never cease to impress.”

Cruz and Hayek have been best friends for years, with the two starting off their Hollywood acting careers at around the same time. Despite the years that have passed and the fact that both have children and live in different parts of the world, Cruz and Hayek remain in staunch support of each other, always praising each other’s work and personalities.

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz©GettyImages
Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz

Hayek’s birthday tribute to Cruz

Last year, Hayek shared an emotional tribute commemorating Cruz’s birthday. The clip features various moments of the two of them attending various Hollywood events together. “Not by blood but she is like a sister to me,” says Hayek when asked if she and Cruz are related. In another point in the video, she describes Cruz as “fantastic, enigmatic, extraordinarily beautiful.”

In the case of Cruz, she can be seen discussing her relationship with Hayek, mentioning one of the favorite activities they like to do together. “I eat a lot, I eat more than all of my friends, except for Salma, she and I eat a lot,” said Cruz.

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